Alex Len's draft stock

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Alex Len's draft stock

So I'm sure almost everyone has heard that Alex Len had ankle surgery that is going to force him to miss all the pre-draft workouts. I was wondering how you guys think that will affect his draft stock. Obviously the draft isn't considered very strong so even if he has a fall it's not likely to be much of one, but what do you think? Will Len's injury cause him to fall in the draft or will it have no effect at all?

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No effect.

I understand its just a bone fracture in his ankle. And like its already been said, its a weak draft. Still a top 5 pick...

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Teams aren't going to be

Teams aren't going to be worried about his injury or his ankle. Not seeing him play in the pre-draft workouts is the only thing that will harm his stock, but I don't see him falling out of the top 10.

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It could well firm up Nerlens

It could well firm up Nerlens Noel's draft status if anything as you now have maybe the next big in the draft also injured so either ccan impress in workouts. It also maybe puts Cody Zeller right into play as a lot of top teams my now decide to have a look at him and he could well be seen as a safer draft choice against the higher upside of Noel and Len.

Realistically I don't think that Len's draft stock will be hugely affected he'd still be a top 10 lock IMO and Noel a top 5 lock.
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Most of the time the players

Most of the time the players who don't do the workouts actually rise on draft boards. The other players fall because scouts pick apart their game, measurements, and athleticism testing.

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Surgery right before the

Surgery right before the draft is always alarming but I don't think it will move guys like Plumlee or Olynck ahead of him. Even with some slight injury concerns Len has proved himself to be better than those guys now and also has a lot more potential. The only big guys that will go ahead of Alex are Noel and possibly Cody Zeller.

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