Alec Burks

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Alec Burks

What's the deal with Burks? I thought his ceiling was pretty high but he kinda got lost in the Jazz organization.

Is it a product of the management/coaching or his inability to adopt his game to the pro level?

How do you project his career at this point?

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He's a project the Jazz are

He's a project the Jazz are going through a transitional period in there Organization. If they end up playing Gordon at the 3 he has a chance to the start next year. They're rebuilding so he'll get plenty of playing time to prove what he can do this upcoming season. But he does have game.

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Alec has his moments, he is a drive to the basket player, he almost relies on a foul. Burks wont be a complete player until he can hit a outside shoot with frequency and learn to finish at the rim.. Burks is a going to be a great 6th man averaging double digit scoring most of his playing days but will never be the man, But will get you some points in a hurry.

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Alot of GMs are gonna be

Alot of GMs are gonna be kicking themselves for not getting Burks last year when his market value was low. He won't be great but will be more than serviceable as a 6th or 7th man off the bench.

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He'll have his time to shine

He'll have his time to shine this year as he's always had limited minutes and I've always felt his game requires time to get him going. He still seems to have the same issues he had in college, but I haven't watched a lot of him in the NBA though . The high potential is still there in my opinion (or at least can be a solid 6/7th man)and I think this can be a big year for him.

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Never was that high on him.

Never was that high on him. He was a slasher at the college level, but lacked the strength to finish tough drives in the league and isn't much of an outside shooter. He's good in transition and has good vision for a SG, but I don't think he's going to be that great. At least his fan boys have shut about him being the next Kobe.

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Coach Corbin

Corbin doesn't play young players much. He didn't play Favors or Gordon in their rookie years as much as other teams would have. It sucks, cuz he does deserve time. The Jazz are rebuilding, so hopefully Burks gets to show everyone what he can do. He'll probably never be a star, but he is far from a scrub.

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