Aldridge should be in the MVP Discussion

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In the last 6 games against

In the last 6 games against the Spurs, Magic, Mavs, Heat, Celtics and Lakers....the Bulls have gone 6-0.

Rose has averaged 31.5Pts 5.3Reb 8.0Ast 2.8TO in those games.

Rose is the MVP so far.

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"-The Bulls are a fantastic

"-The Bulls are a fantastic rebounding and defensive team, and I think Tom Thibodeau is seriously being slept on as far as Coach of the Year talks (or, the Kiss of Death award). These are both aspects which make teams difficult to beat, every champion relies heavily on these factors. Rose is not really a catalyst to either. He is incredibly valuable to his team on offense, but his team is winning on other factors as well."

Without Derrick Rose, Tom Thibodeau is a fatter, older Erik Spoelstra. The Bulls would be down with the Wizards and Cavs without Rose. Don't make Thibodeau into something he is not. He is better than Vinny Del Negro, which is the slightest of praises. Coaching basketball isn't rocket science. Every coach with the exception of Vinny basically knows all the same stuff. They run the same sets, same inbounds plays, and the team that try to play defense basically have the same defensive schemes. Now, coaches have different methods of communicating, differing ways of holding players accountable, but that is really about it. Thibodeau is working with a team that wants to be coached. The guys are committed to playing within a scheme, but that is more on the players than the coach. There is really no difference to the job Thibodeau is doing in Chicago (preaching defense and letting Derrick Rose carry them on offense) and what Spoelstra is doing in Miami (preaching defense and letting the Big Three carry them on offense). Actually, there is a difference, the media in the northeast doesn't have a connection to Spoelstra and they do Thibodeau which is why they are looking to praise one and not the other.

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True enough

Hey, I am never one to think a coach means more than his best player. Schemes certainly play some influence on the game though, and while personnel is incredibly important, Thibodeau seems to be doing a good job. I never had much of a problem with Vinny, and feel he was unjustifiably fired. Still, I see how you could definitely connect the media into making Thibodeau into more than he is. But, a coach is only as good as the players on his team, and Derrick Rose is obviously more valuable than Thibodeau. Though, the fact the Bulls seem to be playing great defense and rebounding the ball at a high level without their two main post players really playing together is slightly impressive.

I am not writing off Erik Spoelstra at all, as he has seemed to get the Heat into a place of being comfortable with each other. But, I am slightly more impressed with what Thibodeau has done with his team as compared to what Spoelstra has done with his. In the end, Spoelstra is only as good as his best player as well. Now, to say I live in the Northeast so I would care if anyone wins the coach of the year is just a clear misreading of me as a person. If I made it seem like Thibodeau is anything more than he is, I apologize, but I was more talking about factors the Bulls show as a team.

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