AL Horford

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AL Horford

Ok what's gotten into this guy lately?





23, 11


34,15, 5 blocks

ATL is 6-1 since he's been on his tear

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Horford is playing great.

At this moment is is probably playing better than any other big in the NBA, which is remarkable. Tonight's career numbers, however, have as much to do with Al Jefferson's complete lack of D as anything else.

As a Jazz fan I am completely done with Al Jefferson. People will look at his stat line tonight and see 26/11. But they will forget that it took him 22 shots to get there. More importantly, the guy Jefferson defended recorded a 34/15/5 stat line while taking the same number of possessions. And worst of all, Jefferson left the lane wide open all night for any willing guard to go straight to the rack.

I was hoping the Jazz would trade Jefferson before the deadline and I was upset we got no value for him. Now I'm just hoping we let him walk. He showed occasional flashes of defense and motion in the offense earlier in the year, but he's fully returned to his no-D ball-stopping nature. I don't care what his price is. I do not want him back.

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Al Horford was 14/22 and Al

Al Horford was 14/22 and Al Jefferson was 12/22 dude, you act like that isn't efficient. Difference was one was 6/6 from the line and the other was 2/7.
As a Jazz fan you got like Derrick Favors tonight tho. Id love to see more of him.

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I think he'll be one of the

I think he'll be one of the best PFs in the game once Josh Smith is gone. He's just so solid in all phases of the game. I also think Teague's improved play is helping Horford as well. Horford is the perfect ball screener because he can either roll or pop.

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Al Horford is like 26 it's

Al Horford is like 26 it's about time this guy starts hitting his peak because he's been underachieving since like his 2nd year in the league. He was drafted right after Oden and Durant and has all the physical tools and skills to be a 20 n 10 guy. I thought this was going to be the year with Joe Johnson gone that Horford finally elevated his game into the upper echelon of bigs in the league but it's been more of the same. I always believed he should of been more, I hope he finally believes that now.

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He's a 2 time All-Star. How

He's a 2 time All-Star. How has he underachieved?

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He's also had to play out of

He's also had to play out of position for most of his career and he's been around selfish players for most of his career, if anything Al Horford is underrated

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Horford has inevitably become the go to scorer in clutch moments. I think he's trying to show that He is a cornerstone for that franchise. He's done a damn goo Job of re-affirming the Hawks notion that him and Jeff Teague are untouchable.

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Atlanta is going to be tough

Atlanta is going to be tough in the Playoffs if Horford keeps doing this and J Smith starts playing for his max contract offers. Nets are probably going to play Atlanta or Indiana in the first round and that is probably not a good thing.

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As a Huge Al Horford fan I want more of this

He and Aldridge seem to get overlooked when talking about the top Power Forwards in the game, they both need a great Center next to them and I think the Hawks will likely get Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum in free agency, pretty sure the Blazers are sticking with Meyers but they could also try to swing a trade for Gortat or Spencer Hawes and be set there in he develops

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Al Horford is hugely underrated. Like the person said before me, he has been on ATL teams where for some reason he was the third and sometimes 4th option to score, and still managed to be an All-Star. Finally healthy and playing with a pass first PG haven't hurt either.

When J. Smith is gone next year I can see him averaging 22/12/1.5 blks for a whole season and putting up stats like those on a regular.

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