Al-farouq Aminu

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Al-farouq Aminu

i think with Teague and Johnson leaving hell be a 20-25 points a game player and rise to be a top 5 pick. how good do you think hell do next year?

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I thought you were talking

I thought you were talking about the guy here on the forums haha

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I think

I think he definitely can and probably will be a double double guy along with Aldrich at KU.

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He could've been a top 5

He could've been a top 5 pick this year. He should have a strong year but he isnt a Durant,Beasley or Griffin type that will put up insane numbers. He's very unselfish. If Teague comes back, I see it benefitting both players statistically and wins-wise.

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Actually Teague would help

Actually Teague would help out if he were to return but I doubt it now but still this season would make Al-farouq Aminu the man and he could maybe make a giant leap overall because i am sure the coach will make him the go to guy. I also thought you were talking about that other guy I guess he changed his name and have been relatively quiet. He never really said anything that grabbed attention other than acting like he was the actual Aminu so I guess if he stop doing that then it would be hard to tell who he is now.

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Will be the man........

Will be the go to man all year........ stats through the roof, will have a great season. Even with a solid but not great season will be a top 10 pick. The guy can do it all.

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Am i the only one that isnt

Am i the only one that isnt too high in this guy? he has incredible fluidity and length but dude is a SKINNY SF with unrefined post moves that primarily plays in the post and has very raw perimiter skills. Definitely has a ton of potential, but must show much improved perimiter skills before he can be talked about as a definite stud

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