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This guy can help out all 30 teams when healthy. where does he go?

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To a doctor because he's

To a doctor because he's never healthy. I would NOT spend a dime on a player who can not stay healthy. Look at what the Bulls did. I thought they were crazy to give Boozer a contract, the guy is NEVER healthy.

I would rather have a player who is 80% of a star 100% of the time. No sense in having a great player if he's not playing all the time. I would invest in players who are healthy unless you get them cheap and take a small risk.

AK47 is a huge risk unless he takes a low paying one year contract, that's all I would offer a player like that. That's why the NBA is in financial trouble, too many GMs without a handle on how to build a winner, clueless. You do not give certain players big money, yet every year GMs dole out tons of cash to marginal and often injured players.

Now the NBA wants their money back.

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Kirilenko is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He doesn't put up the stats he used to, but he makes all of his teammates better and plays great defense. Just look at Utah's record over the last few years when he plays vs. when he doesn't play.

He missed 18 games last season, but that shouldn't prevent teams from trying to get him.

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