AI officially retiring

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AI officially retiring

Sad news...AI is set to officially retire. He changed the game...some say there'll never be another MJ but one can also ask....will there be another AI? The swag, the skill, the desire. One of the toughest guys, pound for pound to ever play.

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Love him or hate him, he was one of the all-time best pure scorers. The way he put the Sixers on his back all the way to the Finals was damned impressive, given that Theo Ratliff (?!?! I kid you not, look it up) was the second leading scorer on the team with 12.6 a game. AI at his peak was fun as hell to watch, but he had a great run. HOFer for sure.

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Technically Correct

Theo Ratliff was the second leading scorer for his time there that season but they traded him to Atlanta for Mutombo midway through. Mutombo being there was a huge part of them making the finals, but it certainly was the Allen Iverson show all year with him winning the MVP and guiding that team to the finals. Who could forget that shot in game 1 of the finals over Lue.

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Guy had the biggest heart in

Guy had the biggest heart in the history of the NBA. 6 feet tall, 160 pounds on good day. Fearless competitor. One of the greatest athletes ever in any sport. His speed and quickness of the bounce and in the open court was something special. One of my favorite players of all time.

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He was my favorite player to

He was my favorite player to watch when I first started watching the NBA. I hate it how he went out because everyone wanted to watch him become an amazing sixth man and he just couldn't bring himself to accept the role.

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Never liked him, but it

Never liked him, but it didn't take me long to realize he was a special talent. If he had a better head on his shoulders he could have been a lot better....pretty crazy to think about considering he averaged 26.7 ppg on his career.

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He was so great

that now every above-average 6 ft guard who shoots more than passes will be the "next Iverson" just like how every 6'7 and above white shooter is the next Larry Legend .

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I just hope he gets his life

I just hope he gets his life turned around.. In my eyes, the fact that he was only 6' and did the things he did was amazing. He pretty much had the sickest(can't think of a better word) game I'll ever see. It's too bad, the problems he has had in the downturn his career with bankruptcy and etc.
I remember how common an Iverson jersey was even though I lived in the west. He'll always be one of my favorite players.

It's a long documentary on him (23 minutes), but I watched it a while back and found it interesting.

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Even thinking about it is

Even thinking about it is making me want to cry. The guy was one of my childhood idols, he did things that I had never seen before and he was even short like me! In 2k13 I braught him back to Philly and won a championship with him and Bynum. This definitely makes me sad.

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Smallest guy to lead the

Smallest guy to lead the league in scoring... Tim Hardaway passed Iverson's generation the Basic 1-2 crossover and Iverson revolutionized it and passed it to our current generation. He will definitely go down as one of the greats to never get a ring.

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Beast. There are several


There are a few moments that will stand out in my head about AI:

1. When he talked shyt to MJ, crossed him over and made the shot
2. When he crossed Tyron Lue and then stepped over him/whiped his feet
3. When he tip dunked on Marcus Camby when he played for Toronto

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wow, my first ever favorite

wow, my first ever favorite bball player. made me become the basketball fiend i am today.

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He had nearly 23,000 points

He had nearly 23,000 points from 1997-2008. At the time, it would've been hard to believe he couldn't grind out another 7,000 points over five more seasons, even with his playing style.

I legitimately worry about his life after basketball though. Hopefully he can get back on the right path sometime soon.

On the bright side, so many things are running through my head on what his Hall of Fame speech will be like. I can't wait.

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I love AI man.... Philly

I love AI man.... Philly stand up

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Allen Iveson aka Lil Big

Allen Iveson aka Lil Big Man...1st Ballot Hall of Famer...I loved watching Iverson play..

A few words to describe A I would be-


His Me Against the World attitude is what made him great and maybe the same thing that destroyed him.....Every underdog rooted for Iverson..Becuz they to had been told they would never amount to or accomplish anything in life...

The Sport World was shocked when his 76'ers won Game 1 of the NBA Final against the heavily favored Lakers.. I will never forget the wide grin on Iverson's face when he walked into to press room.... It was like a burden had been lifted off him,everyone that ever doubted him can finally shut up......

As an Allen Iverson fan,i would've love seeing him leave the game like Dr.J. and Kareem did,by having each arena give you gifts and praise your career...Or go out winning a ring like David Robinson and Micheal Jordan( as a Bull) ...

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Iverson was 1 of those

Iverson was 1 of those players that played bigger than their size.....He wasnt a point guard, he wasnt a shooting guard..Dude was a basketball player....

His 2001 team and the Lebron 07 Cavs team,might be the 2 least talented teams to ever reach the finals.........

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Say what you want about his

Say what you want about his scoring (which one can argue the point that he was never very efficient...the year he scored the most (31.4 points per game, he shot less than 40% from the floor), but the thing that always impressed me the most about him is that he was a 6 footer that made his living by driving inside and getting pounded by guys that were gigantic compared to him, and yet he was able to play nearly 45 minutes a game. That is flat out incredible.

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