A.I. to Grizzlies?

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A.I. to Grizzlies?

Rumor has it there is mutual interest. This would be one huge mistake. A malcontent veteren to a young team. A point guard going to a team whose best player wants to move to point guard. A team with a player (Conley) who was drafted at #4 2 years ago, who has played well, but would get less minutes. This a a team that just got Randolph. in a deal. Hmmmm malcontented veteren. Are they trying to corner the marke?. Iverson is a scorer first. Randolph is a scorer first. Mayo is a scorer first. Gay's best attribute is his ability to score. What's wrong with this picture???????

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Totally Agree

I think the Grizz would be making the wrong move by bringing in AI. Like, how does this work? It would be a team full of offensive fire power, but full of guys that need the ball and need shots to be effective. Add in the fact that Zach and AI are gigantic defensive liabilities, this team is taking a step in the wrong direction. I love the fact that the Grizzlies ownership are frugal spenders, but they came to the conclusion that shelling out 16 mil on Z-Bo was a solid investment. I am guessing Iverson would be in the 8-10 million range, which on a supply and demand basis would be utterly ridiculous. I guess they would sell tickets, and they would have 4 guys who could put up 20 with Iverson, Mayo, Gay and Zach, but they would just not be a winning team. Good looking out on this one maravich.

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so true

I heard about this in school two days ago and i thought the dude was kidding .
If AI really goes there then its just to prove that he can still score which i think he does not need to prove.
I liked AI since the first time i saw him on TV and I'm reallly hoping that he can get a Ring as a Starter somewhere but I think that train has left the station a few years ago ...
People should stop hatin on the fact that he wants to be a starter , the man has been a starter all his life and he's a fighter. Telling him to come of the bench is like telling a Spartan to surrender and not fight .
I'm a undersized player myself and i look up to this man for making the way for the "little" ballers.
I know he's not as good as he once was but i bet you he's still one of the better PGs/SGs in the NBA and still one of the best scorers the NBA has to offer , even at 34 .

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Iverson could still put up big points,but what he doesn't realize is that teams who may pick him up don't want that from him,if he plays for the Grizz he will kill O.J Mayo's,and Conley's potential to improve no way

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