Aftermath of the 2010 re-shuffle

The 2010 Free agent pool is a topic frequently discussed, but lets assume that 4 major Free Agents (Bosh, James, Wade, and Staudemire) change teams. In you opinion do any of these teams have any player waiting in the wings who will be able to be the francise player for their respective team? If so who?

Please note, for a player to be a franchise player, they might not have to be as good as the departed player, as it will be difficult for a player currently on the roster to be James, Wade or Bosh. James for one is a once in a decade type talent. But what are your opinions of these teams' plan B (2011 Draft not being considered).

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Toronto- Andrea

Toronto- Andrea Bargani
Clevland- I Think they Will Be In rebuilding Mode ( No real Franchise Player)
Miami- Michael Beasley
Phoeinx- Leandro barbosa

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I like the Andrea and

I like the Andrea and Beasley picks too. I agree, Cleveland is in trouble, unless Mo Williams takes another step, and he could. Phoenix will be ok for a short while, as they have two pretty good players, but I would say that J-Rich is just as much of a franchise guy as Barbosa.

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Clevland will be f'^cked

Beasley will be a 20 point scorer so they can build. Toronto screwed and Phoenix screwed. I like Barbosa but not a building block at all in my opinion, he is mainly a 3 POINT SHOOTER.

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With Bosh potentially leaving (since nothing is final until Chris Bosh decides at the end of next year or Brian Colangelo makes a deal)...

The future franchise player(s) are Andrea Bargnani and Hedo Turkoglu, with the 2 of them both in LOVE with the city and its multicultural population, they have quite a prosperous future in the Raptors organization. Together the two European big-men can really become a solid duo, with Jose Calderon as the 3rd option. With all three being talented players, they have the ability to do very well with a solid bench.

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I like bargnani I don't

I like bargnani I don't think many people remember the early Dirk was mostly pick and pop with Nash anyways so Bargnani comparison isn't as far off as u would think. And Beasly matures to but barbosa is getting pretty close to his prime already so he is what he is.

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no way barbosa is a

no way barbosa is a franchise player. hes a role player at best. JRich is much better than the brazlian blurr

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Looks like the Raps Agree (Quote from,

"The Raptors and Andrea Bargnani have reportedly agreed on a five-year, $50 million contract extension beginning in 2010-2011."

If he improves on last season, that is a good deal. He will not be obscenely expensive for the next six years. Now lets hope he lives up to the Dirk comparisons.

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I actually agree with what several people have said.

Bargnani has the potential to be better than Bosh. I'm not saying it will happen, and I'm not sure I would project it to happen. But it's definitely within the realm of realistic possibility. At the very least, I firmly expect him to be an All-Star caliber player.

Beasley, too, should be an All-Star. He's not going to be as good as Wade, but he might be as good as, say, Carmelo Anthony, if you give him a fair chance.

Barbosa isn't a player to necessarily build around, but he could be a nice second option on offense if the team could build around him. He's been limited because he and Nash don't work well together. I think the Suns would be best off using Barbosa and Stoudemire together for the future, working a high post offense with two of the most explosive players at their positions

The Cavs, though - they've got no one. Not one player on their roster will be an All-Star in two years if LeBron leaves.

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The Suns arent in big

The Suns arent in big trouble....they need to trade Amare now so they can get some young talent in return. After this season Amare & Nash are gone. Grant Hill is about to leave now. However we all these players coming off the books along with Ben Wallace & Pavlovic contracts..Phoenix will have plenty of money to spend in the 2010 free agent market. They can find some quality players. The Suns will still have some pretty solid players to build around. Earl Clark should become a descent starter. Jason Richardson & Barboas are experience players...they are good not great. Robin Lopez & Jared Dudley are still improving. Not to mention the players they add through the 2010 draft. It just depends on what free agents they can attract in 2010. They won't be a contender but they could start challenging for the playoffs immediately. The problem is they just have to many holes to fill in order to make a deep playoff run. They need a legit starting PG, a go to scorer, & a dominant post player. They may able to get 2 of these things through free agency but not all three. They could easily add Tracy McGrady & Carlos Boozer. Who knows though by the 2011-2012 season I expect the Suns to be pretty good.

I do think Bosh will leave Toronto but the Raptors will be OK. Like other people have already stated Hedo, Bargnani, & Calderon is a solid foundation. A lot depends on how quickly DeRozan develops and how good he actually is. If he is a bust Toronto could be in trouble. As of now they have no depth at SG. They still will need to add a solid big man & I think they will have trouble doing that through free agency. So they will continue to be a 6, 7, or 8 seed in the playoffs for years to come but they will not seriously contend to win it all.

If Wade leaves the Heat are in a ton of trouble. Their supporting cast is awful. Beasley cannot carry a team by himself. Miami is an attractive place but they won't be able to replace Wade. The future looks dim if DWade changes team but I really have a feeling he will stay with the Heat. If he does stay Miami should be able to add someone like Amare or Bosh as well which makes them a contender.

Varejao & JJ Hickson provide descent play at PF. Delonte West, Anthony Parker (I think Cleveland will sign him soon, Mo Williams, & Daniel Gibson provide descent guard play. If LeBron leaves there will be a serious hole to fill at SF. Finding a true Center will also be a priority since Big Z & Shaq will be gone. The good new is Cleveland will have a ton of money. The bad news is that no big name free agents ever go to Cleveland. Still the Cavs should be able to add some players like Tyson Chandler, Michael Redd, & Al Harrington. Still winning a title is out of the question. They should continue to make the playoffs though but like the Raptors will never be true threats. Poor Cleveland.

Miami & Cleveland fans better keep their fingers crossed.

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