Adoption of Android 4 Lagging, Hurting Tablets

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Adoption of Android 4 Lagging, Hurting Tablets

As Google's Android [url=]Ainol Novo7 AdvancedII[/url] operating system grabs up a bigger share of the overall mobile device [url=]Ainol NOVO7 Aurora[/url] market, it runs the risk of becoming increasingly fragmented [url=]Ainol NOVO7 Elf[/url] as updates trickle out, hurting the ability of Android tablets to gain market share.
The latest version, 4.0 [url=]Ainol NOVO7 Paladin[/url], also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, was released in October, but has only reached an estimated 2.9 percent of [url=]Aoson M7[/url]compatible devices, with the vast majority, 63.2 percent, running variants of version 2.3 (Gingerbread) [url=]Cube K8GT[/url], according to figures compiled by the Android Developers Blog. Gingerbread was [url=]Cube K8GT Deluxe[/url] first released in December 2010.

Ice Cream Sandwich, the first version of Android [url=]HYUNDAI A7[/url] made for both tablets and smartphones, will figure prominently in the marketing of Samsung's next generation of iPad-rivaling tablet [url=]Hyundai A7ART[/url] computers, the Galaxy Tab. But a company spokesman told PC World Tuesday that the launch of the devices -- one with a 7-inch screen [url=]ICOO D70W Ultimate[/url] and one with a 10-inch screen -- has been delayed until the end of [url=]LY F1 Lite[/url] the month while Samsung and Google work on adapting ICS to the devices.

Samsung also pushed off a 4.0 update [url=]LY F2 tablet[/url] for the Galaxy Note "phablet" until later this year, while focusing on [url=]LY F2 Lite[/url] updating the Galaxy S II smartphones.

A report by comScore [url=]LY F2S tablet[/url] released Tuesday shows Android with a significant lead over rivals at 50.1 percent of the U.S. market as of February, [url=]Newsmy T3[/url] with the No. 2 spot going to Apple's iOS at 30.2 percent. Both systems gained share slightly from the last survey [url=]Onda VI10 Elite Version[/url] in November, while Research In Motion's BlackBerry OS slipped more than three percentage [url=]Onda VX610W[/url] points and Microsoft's Windows Phone slipped 1.3 points.

Android's bump up was 3.2 percentage [url=]Onda VX610W Deluxe[/url] points, the latest good news for the surging platform available on multiple devices [url=]Ployer MOMO9[/url] on all major carriers.

The multiple versions of Android [url=]Ramos FANCY W19[/url] in use, however, known as fragmentation, has "a significant impact on [url=]Ramos W6HD[/url] consumers" by stifling growth of the user experience, consumer devices expert [url=]SYSBAY S MP95[/url] Avi Greengart of Current Analysis told us.

Fragmentation means [url=]Teclast P75[/url] that there isn't an installed base of devices using the latest version of the [url=]Teclast P75a[/url] OS," Greengart said. "With no installed base of the latest OS, developers have no reason to write [url=]Window N12[/url] programs for the new OS. If they aren't targeting the new OS, they probably [url]Zenithink ZT 180 C71[/url] aren't using the latest programming tools -- which include the ability to create [url=]AigoPad M80[/url] apps for different screen sizes."

The first version of Android [url=]BenYi M8 Cloud Deluxe[/url] to be publicly released was 1.0 in September, 2008. Android Developer said the oldest version [url=]CUBE U10GT2[/url] still in use is 1.5 (Cupcake) with just 0.3 percent distribution. But the [url=]Ramos FANCY W16[/url] oldest version with a significant distribution is 2.2 (Froyo) [url=]Ramos W13[/url], with 23.1 percent distribution.

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