Adetokoubo brothers declare for draft

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Adetokoubo brothers declare for draft

These two Greek-Nigerians never really got exposed until a few months ago now here they are declaring for the draft. I haven't seen them play other than highlights on YouTube but from what I see Giannis will go somewhere from the late lotto to the late first round as the youngest player in the draft and his older brother Athanasios will go in the second round if he gets drafted.

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"if they are not taken #1 and

"if they are not taken #1 and #2 overall, the nba is racist against greek players." - EB

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Giannis might move into the

Giannis might move into the top 5,after the workouts..

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Giannis Adetokoubo will rise in the draft but he will be a bust!

Why anyone would think these 2 could actually play in the NBA is amazingly disturbing. Giannis will be drafted in the lottery but I see him flaming out faster than you can spell Bismack Biyombo. Again Im not a fan of drafting players that hail from inferior basketball leagues such as these Greek leagues full of scrubs...

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I tend to agree

I am also expecting to see an interesting reply from EB.

I think these brother have more treads about them than any draft prospect since at least Greg Oden.

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What you said here didnt make

What you said here didnt make any sense whatsoever...

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The Adetokoubo brothers will

The Adetokoubo brothers will get their Greek passports at the end of this month. Since they did not have any passports before, they could not play at something like the Nike Hoops Summit, or at the Treviso Eurocamp.

They did not have Nigerian passports, despite what some in US media claimed, so they had no ability to travel to different countries because of this. Otherwise, Giannis would have been able to play at the Nike Hoops Summit. But at the end of April, they will get passports issued from the Greek ministry, so then they will be able to travel to a different country.

So then they will both be able to play at the Treviso Eurocamp this summer. Thanasis should have a chance to get drafted, once NBA teams see him at the Eurocamp.

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