Adam Morrison reportedly to return to Gonzaga as a student assistant

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Adam Morrison reportedly to return to Gonzaga as a student assistant

Had someone suggested to anyone at Gonzaga in 2006 that Adam Morrison might return someday as a coach, they probably wouldn't have dismissed the idea.

They just never would have believed it would happen so soon.

Morrison, the 2006 national player of the year, has begun taking classes again at Gonzaga and will join Mark Few's coaching staff as a student assistant, reported on Thursday. That means Morrison is essentially giving up on an injury-plagued pro career that began with high hopes when he was selected No. 3 overall by the Charlotte Bobcats but stalled after he suffered a devastating knee injury prior to his second season.

Dealt to the Lakers midway through the 2008-09 season, Morrison collected a pair of NBA championship rings as the last man off the bench but lacked the athleticism or quickness post-injury to contribute on the floor. He was cut from the Wizards in 2010 and from the Trail Blazers last fall after a strong showing in Summer League play with the Brooklyn Nets.

It's a shame that we'll never know if Morrison could have made an impact in the NBA had he been healthy, but it's also good that he's going back to Gonzaga.

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The mustachioed former Gonzaga star was beloved in Spokane for averaging 28.1 points per game during the 2005-06 season and for leading one of Few's best Zags teams to the Sweet 16. Now he'll have a chance to return to the one city where he's still best known as a basketball icon rather than one of recent history's most notable draft busts.

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Few's probably is going to

Few's probably is going to have him be a glorified scout team player. I can dig it. Anything that makes practice more competitive.

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He could probably

He could probably make a decent assistant coach. Pretty apparent that he didn't use athleticism to get his shot off, he used basketball smarts (and tons of screens). I think he could relate to some of those Pacific Northwesterners with his quiet style. Sad to see him not make it in the league, but happy to see that he might stay in basketball.

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He's just 29, I'm surprised

He's just 29, I'm surprised he isn't considering going back to Europe for a few seasons. I guess his two previous experiences might not have been the best. Even China might be a good spot for him if he wanted to keep playing.

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He will always be remembered

by these college highlights that didn't translate to the NBA... and this soundtrack

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He should just come over to

He should just come over to Australia. Our league is just a lot of unathletic white dudes jacking up jumpshots. Right up his alley.

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