Actual Carmelo/Portland trade option

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Actual Carmelo/Portland trade option

Knicks could have really improved their future outlook this offseason... They had to have known both Phil and Carmelo were gone. Should have drafted Dennis Smith Jr., signed Jonathan Simmons, and waited for the SG market to settle.

Seeing that the Blazers want to join the Carmelo sweepstakes.... it would have made a lot of sense to have a trade based around Crabbe. Too bad now.

Trade idea: Carmelo for Aminu, Leonard, Harkless, and a 2nd round pick

Blazers are still pretty screwed with big contracts, but this would be bold and interesting. Knicks aren't going to make the playoffs, but this trade provides depth and future trade assets.

Thoughts or variations?

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Only an actual option if

Only an actual option if Carmelo wants to go to Portland. He has veto power over any trade.

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Enough already

This is about the fifth thread I've seen regarding a Melo to Portland trade. Stop it people!!!!!. It will never happen . Melo has a no trade clause. And will NEVER accept a trade to Portland !!!!!!. Yes in theory Melo going to Portland would make perfect sense, such Paul George , Otto Porter , or any other decent sf in the league . But it will never happen. Stop dreaming people. Smh

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