About to watch the Zags for the 1st time all year

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About to watch the Zags for the 1st time all year

Very interested to see why they are ranked ahead of my blue devils. Heard a lot about Kelly olynyk and Elias Harris. Pangos and stocktons kid also. And I've heard about dellavedova and his nba potential. Anything else you guys think I should know before watching?

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I've seen bits and pieces of

I've seen bits and pieces of the zags this year, but this is te first betining to end I've seen them and wow, I'm sold. They looked great. Only kinda question I have is how they do against s team with physical bigs . Saint marys bigs suck. Olynick is legit but if a team can push him Abd Elias Harris away from the rim a bit, I would like to see how they respond because I didn't get to see any of that today.

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Gonzaga's bigs will be fine.

Gonzaga's bigs will be fine. They are all pretty physical and athletic. Olynick, Harris, and Dower can all go for 20 any given night in multiple different ways. All 3 can knock down outside shots, get to the FT line and score on the box. Their frontline is what seperates this Zags team from the previous teams in that they will be able to score in the paint against anybody.

If somebody is going to beat Gonzaga, its a team with physical athletic guards who pester and speed up Pangos and Stockton. Gonzaga's guards are good shooters, but they don't have that 6'5 215 body guard type guy who can break down a pressure defense and create. A team like VCU or Marquette could be a tough matchup in the early rounds.

No doubt in my mind that this is the best Gonzaga team since Morrison's last year. They have got an elite front line that will allow them to get more easy baskets/fts than in years past.

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