Aaron Afflalo

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Aaron Afflalo

If the Magic are trying to trade Aaron Afflalo, dont you think it should be sooner rather than later? He came into tonight averaging 19.5 points 5 rebounds and 4.8 assists on 45 percent shooting. Then tonight he went for 36 points 8 rebounds and 6 assists with 8 three pointers made as well! I just dont know how his trade value can go up much more, and I think if they were to trade him and make oladipo the full time starter at the two guard the near future would be the best time.

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He would look great on the

He would look great on the Bulls

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Agree with Bennydabull, he'd

Agree with Bennydabull, he'd fit perfectly on Bulls. Tough hard nose defender who would help space the floor and actually can create his own shot.

If Magic are trying to tank then they should strike while the iron is hot and get as much value for him while they can. I like that his presence is allowing Oladipo to ease into the NBA game so far.

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Who will the Bulls give up to

Who will the Bulls give up to acquire him? I don't think the Bulls are willing to give up anyone that the Magics would want. Put yourself in the Magics GM shoes, what are your needs? It will seem pg and possibly pf if you do not buy Tobias Harris being a 4, which I don't. Unless you believe in Teague, I don't see anyone else if value Chicago would give up for him.

I agree, trade him while his value is high, but I think you go after either a pg that compliments Oladipo or a pf that compliments Vucevic.

Afflalo to Charlotte for Biyombo/Sessions

Aaron is an upgrade to Henderson and at the same time Henderson gives their bench a spark a long with Taylor and Zeller. Charlotte is ready to make a run towards the playoffs. Biyombo, worth due more to potential, is an athletic defender who can play next to Vucevic. Sessions is an upgrade to Nelson.

If Denver really wants to move Faried, how about Afflalo and protected pick for Faried?

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Trade idea

I thought of this idea during the summer, as that's when it made more sense to do it. Now Afflalo's value is probably to high and Oklahoma won't be feeling the need to do it. But this is what it was:

Oklahoma trades Perkins, Sefalosha, P. Jones, and their 2014 draft pick to Orlando for Afflalo and Glen Davis.

Orlando unloads salary and older players for some young guys, an expiring contract this year and Perkins who expires next year (would probably be bought out anyways).

Oklahoma gets a 2 who can both defend and score (which is why they can afford to trade Sefalosha who is due for a big pay check next year). Davis May be a salary dump but when healthy he plays hard and has playoff experience.

I feel like Orlando doesn't get enough in return, so I might swap out Jones for Jackson or something.

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I heard a while back that

I heard a while back that they wanted to put Dipo at PG and trade Jameer Nelson ?

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Destination for Affalo

He'll look nice in a pistons uniform..plays great defense, sg (can play some sf), can shoot the ball...

I hated the pistons traded him and not stuckey earlier in their career. Being him back to Detroit

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I said it last season but I

I said it last season but I think the pistons should of traded their lotto pick (KCP). I was thinking of Tyreke Evans or Jeremy Lamb at the time. In hindsight Affalo would of been win - win. The Magic get younger with another lotto pick, the pistons get a solid player that would help them in the playoffs.

Pistons lineup Jennings, Affalo, Smith, Monroe, Drummond. Hmm if only they signed Jeff Teague instead of Jennings.

Magic potential lineup (draft pick)Trey Burke/MCW/Mccollum, Dipo, Harkless, Harris, Vucevic would be scarey in a few years time....

win - win for both teams.

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Afflalo for Front Court Help?

Afflalo for KCP makes decent sense for both sides, but personally I think Orlando should target a shot blocking 4 to pair with Vucevic.. They need rim protection & Maxiell isn't the long term solution

How about an Afflalo for Taj Gibson swap?? I know there are 2 complications with this scenario though: Chicago may have a hard time giving up that kind of insurance due to Noah/Boozer's injury history, and Orlando GM Rob Hennigan may not be looking for additional salary.. i.e opting for draft picks & cap flexibility instead. But to me it's intriguing nonetheless.

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