Aaric Murray

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Aaric Murray

Aaric Murray took a calculated risk when he chose to transfer away from a major conference program in favor of Texas Southern, his third collegiate landing spot. He never found his nich under Coach Huggins, and often looked like your typical gifted athlete, who just didn't understand the game.

He's scoring at a pace we'd expect at Texas Southern ( 22.2 ppg ) on ho hum shooting numbers ( .425% from FG and 30% from 3 point ) and pulling down 6.9 rebounds to go with 2.5 blocks per contest.

Texas Southern's schedule hasn't been all that bad, as he has faced a number of major conference school.s

He hung 30 points on C-USA bottom dweller, Tulsa, in a blowout loss and scored 16 points against Miami (Fl) in another lop-sided defeat.

Aaric dropped 28 points on Stanford, but then only musterd 8 points as he fouled out against Texas Tech.

Murray's performance doesn't really come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with him. At 6'10'' 245lbs with good length and athletic ability, he's got the physical tools, and he's got a decent shot for a big man; however, does anyone give this guy a shot in the draft?

I think not, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's right there along with everyone in the combine workouts as teams are intrigued enough to get a closer look at him. I think he makes it as far as summer league, and is faced with making more money overseas or staying in the D-League where a call up is only a day away. What are your opinions on Murray, and what kind of pro career can he put together?

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He's just a very immature

He's just a very immature player who isn't very coachable and has an attitude that everything should be gift-wrapped for him. I don't see him as a hard-working who's had to work for anything in his life.

I've seen him play numerous times live while at LaSalle and you could just tell the coach hated him. He is a very talented player, I'd give him a comparison to a thinner Andrew Nicholson as he can pretty much do anything you want a big man to do, I just don't think his teammates or coach like playing with him.

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Attitude wise i compare him to Demarcus Cousins. He just gets so frustrated and really lets it affect his play. Honestly i think he has some anger management issues. Him and Bob Huggins were never going to work out. Huggins likes to be hard on his players and Murray doesn't deal well with that. But i agree with the Nicholson comparison, he's got all the tools to do anything you need. I think he probably ends up in the D-league and if he keeps his head on straight, maybe gets an opportunity.

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I went to WVU while he was on the team so I've seen him play and practice a ton. He's uncoachable, and if Bob Huggins can't coach him than nobody can. He has all the talent in the world but he will never make it work. One night in Morgantown he had just came back from a game and went out to the bars and stuff. I remember seeing him and he and his buddies were yelling F... Bob Huggins. The dude will never get it, no respect for anybody.

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