A$ap Rocky-LongLiveA$ap: Top 4 album in 2012 imo

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A$ap Rocky-LongLiveA$ap: Top 4 album in 2012 imo

I'm not gonna say how I heard it so early


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thats a BOLD statement

thats a BOLD statement bro.......A$AP is solid but 2012 has had some heavyweights

Good Kid, mAAd City, Life is Good, F&L2, Cruel Summer, Detriot (Big Sean mixtape was insane) and most recently and surprisingly Jesus Piece by the Game was a pleasant surprise.

But imma check out the album when I get a chance to decide

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Big Sean is so corny and

Big Sean is so corny and Cruel Summer was underwhelming but I'm excited for the ASAP album even tho I hate the single..Kendrick dropped a great album but I hate how the word is classic is thrown around, it's just a change of pace from the trap/club rap..

On a side note I've been listening to a lot of Wu lately and I want to say Raekwon and Ghostface fathered the style of jay z, biggies 2nd album, tupac, nas' 2nd album and every other rapper from the mid nineties. The purple tape changed the game.

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Sean had some nice songs but

Sean had some nice songs but overall ithought the tape was just iight. I just dl that Asap album and its tough. Kendricks joint is tough and so is Nas album even though it seems like dudes forgot about it already. And Cruel Summer was maaad average

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Anyone familiar with that

Anyone familiar with that pretty muthafu....i mean Rocky should know that part of what makes him so great and helps his style (texas/memphis/syrup inspired mixed with a bit of bonethugs fast flow...which at times can be hit or miss) is that he has a great ear for choosing beats which help him sound maybe 10X better than what he is and this album...this album right here has some beats that will have you saying

Songs I suggest




1 train feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T (great posse track and KRIT killed it even though everyone held their own...My main man Joey Bada$$ is the fiture im telling you guys get his mixtape 1999 off if you havent yet




ghetto symphony (A$ap Ferg verse is straight garbage ""since rocky spit like andre, ima kill em like big boi..these rappers are on my entree, eat em like cookies...chips ahoy")

all standout tracks

Songs to skip

Wild For The Night feat. Skrillex ....skrillex...really smh, auto skip

Fashion Killa

F**kin’ Problems ...If you have heard it once on the radio you can skip right over it...come for the kendrick leave because of the 2 chainz.

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