9th for Jerryd Bayless and 24th???

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9th for Jerryd Bayless and 24th???

If the Raptors don't have their man available at 9, should we do a deal with Portland where they send us Jerryd Bayless and the 24th for our 9th pick? This may be dicussed coming draft night because Portland's possible future point guard is a lottery selection whether it be Johnny Flynn, Ty Lawson or Jrue Holiday and Raptors have been lacking a wing that can create their own shot and even though Jerryd's a combo guard and he's considered a small 2 guard, who cares. If he scores and does what he does best, he'll be in the same ayer as guys like Derrick Rose and Westbrook. Believe me when i say a trade like this will be seriously discussed during draft night.

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No way

You kiddin'? There is no way that the blazers will give up Bayless. Besides, if they are going to upgrade at pg its most likely going to be a veteren and not another young, inexperienced player. Believe me, there is no way this trade happens. Pritchard's not that dumb.

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They took Bayless 11th last year in a better draft. Why would they trade him and another draft pick for the 9th pick this year?

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bayless was taken 11th last

bayless was taken 11th last year. and this trade doesn't seem impossible to me. bayless for the #9 straight up maybe. i can see this happening if jennings follows to 9, plus does anyone really see bayless playing any real mins in the future? portland is pretty stacked in all positions expect point, and bayless is not a point guard lol.

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may be possible

Portland is Holding Bayless back !!! Send Him

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I agree

They should let Bayless go because he's kind of wasting away in Portland maybe a change a scenery will help, I know it's only been one season but I don't really see him moving up in the rotation without a trade. maybe if they get rid of Blake or Fernandez.But I think he may be the odd man out.

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the thing for portland to do if they won't Bayless playing more would have to be getting rid of serigo rodriguez not rudy fernandez!!! he's a solid 2 or 3

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people saying that portland

people saying that portland is gonna give up bayless doesn't know anything about blazers
they are bringin him slowly instead of making him learn on the fly.
since they are a deep team they have the luxury to do that.
everyone can see that he isn't gonna be a pointguard but what htey don't see is they don't need one.
if u actually watch the blazers play they know that brandon roy takes care of the ball and is basically the pointguard
so bayless is actually perfect fit beside roy. bayless is got good size as a pointguard at 6'3 strong can finish can shoot and he can guard the pointguard but he doesn't necessarily need pointguard skill to succeed because he'll be playing with roy for probly rest of his career. blazers ain't stupid they know steve blake and rodriguez isn't gonna cut it at the pointguard spot they just wanna bring him slowly and bayless went 11th overall because he dropped to 11th overall in a strong draft and blazers traded up for him and you think that they'll give him up and 24th pick for 9th? i don't think so

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I agree

Bring Bayless along slowly because Roy sets up the offense most of the time and he should he's that good. I think Bayless is going to be an explosive scorer for them. I would not give up on a young player that talented so quick, but if they land jennings I might understand a trade like that. Bayless is not a point, but he can do the job if he does not turn the ball over and handles ball pressure good. I think he can do all those things. Too young and talented to give up on. I agree only if Jennings falls would I do that trade.

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It wus the kids rookie year c'mon man!!!!!! On top of that Bayless is prolly better then every guard coming outta of this years draft.

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1st off

Bayless is not better then every G in this Draft

I wouldnt not trade my 9th overall pick for a guy who could not get off the bench,

Bayless is a scoring PG. He is more A.I then Nash


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