98 jazz vs 13 spurs???

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98 jazz vs 13 spurs???

whose better 98 jazz or 2013 spurs parker vs stockton ginobili vs hornecek russell vs leonard malone vs duncan splitter vs ostertag. jazz took Jordan to 6 games...spurs threw the LeBron in the casket only 4 him to resurrect to put on a great show n game 7....

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Jazz. good comparison if your

Jazz. good comparison if your looking at both teams for what they are rather than the LeBron, Michael thing. Jazz were more talented in scoring inside, and their defense was tenacious. Michael did a majority of his scoring on midrange shots and at the line. He was a high volume scorer that series. Ostertag, carr, Malone, keefe were really good at securing the paint. that front line would be a nightmare for tony parker and ginobli especially when parker is being hounded by an elite caliber defender Stockton rather than chalmers or cole. San Antonio had success on the boards and on 3s, but the jazz front court were more athletic and stronger, and their perimeter defense was second only to Chicago. Malone would do work on an older Duncan. watch the game and decide for yourself but I like the Jazz.

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