911** Chevy van stolen from storage shed! REALLY ANGRY!

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911** Chevy van stolen from storage shed! REALLY ANGRY!

1986 Chevy conversion van stolen from my shed on Tuesday.

DESCRIPTION: dark grey color, side and back rear windows covered in silver duck tape, and sprayed
over with black spray paint.
**I was planning on turning it into bus for my church, that's why the windows look like that.
people know me would back me up on that so I'm not worried about it.

VERY PERSONAL private, personal items inside

1- two sets of police-style handcuffs... very valuable. steel locks. I have the key, so you can't use them anyway, I would really love to have these back for sentimentel reasons.

2- There might also be some old magazines too maybe, but they aren't mine.
My neighbor asked me to store them inside of my van so his wife wouldn't catch him looking at them, they are not mine, but I would like them back so he doesn't get in any kind of trouble for looking at that sort of thing. We all sin, but god knows our heart! (corinthians 5-17)

**There is some home-made like VCR tapes too that aren't mine. believe me, I go to church all the time, and people who know me will tell you that I would NEVER look at stuff like that,
but it would be real nice if I could just return them to their rightful owner so people don't think I look at crap like that. God knows that I don't and that's what's important.

Please let me know if you have seen this vehicle!! This really hurt my plans for the weekend
any information would be appreciated!

God Bless!

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haha can u post the link to

haha can u post the link to the last forum topic that had more of these funny little inserts

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Sheds Ireland

These days as houses become smaller and gardens are becoming smaller, there are a lot of houses with no garages and /or little place to store even small amounts of goods and 'junk'. Therefore there is an increasingly high demand for extra additional space to store garden furniture, gardening tools and toys to name but a few. The simplest way to do this is to buy or make a garden shed.

Sheds Ireland

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i don't think it is very

i don't think it is very dangerous.. peeple should calm down!


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