8th seed

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8th seed

I HATE!!!! when nba analysts and other people just give the lakers the 8th seeding. I understand that the lakers are the more talented team but just blatantly giving them the 8th seed because of talent is not fair. I really think that the Jazz can beat them out. There are no shortcuts to winning!

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I'm really hoping the Jazz or

I'm really hoping the Jazz or anyone really get the 8th seed over the Lakers. I can't help but laugh thinking about the Lakers missing the playoffs. Especially since that most people were ready to hand the championship over to the Lakers after the Dwight Howard trade.

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Yea i'm rooting against the

Yea i'm rooting against the Lakers as well lol just want to see what happens with that team if they don't make the playoffs.

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Someone other than the Lakers get the 8th seed in David Stern's last full year? Doubt it.

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At first, I wanted to see the

At first, I wanted to see the Lakers make the playoffs because it's not the playoffs without Kobe, Dwight, and the Lakers but all of these Laker fans in southern Cali are starting to get annoying again. So I'm rooting against them.

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Yes it would absolutely

Yes it would absolutely hilarious if the Lakers missed the playoffs, especially after fans like me were saying they would knock off the Heat in the finals. But guys, let's be serious. Who's trying to watch a Spurs/Jazz first round?

Unless OKC gets that #1 seed, I'd rather see the Lakers face the Spurs.

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Watch the Lakers miss the playoffs and than, against all odds, secure the #1 pick in the draft lottery. David Stern at his finest!

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The Suns owns Lakers pick if

The Suns owns Lakers pick if they miss the playoffs. Is this pick protected?

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No protections this year

Lakers pick will be either Suns or Cavs pick. No protections.

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