"With the 8th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Detroit Pistons select........"

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"With the 8th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Detroit Pistons select........"

Who do you think the Detroit Pistons should take with their #8 pick?

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hard to tell

It's quite hard to tell but i think they could draft valanciunas, (maybe brandon knight), or either marcus morris.

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they gotta go SF or C. If

they gotta go SF or C. If Leonard is still on the board I think they take him...if not, I think they take a chance on Biyombo. Let the kid learn under Ben Wallace's tutoring for his rookie year and maybe he turns into that defensive anchor Big Ben was for years in Mo Town.

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Depending on who's available,

Depending on who's available, my first choice would be Jan Vesely. He's experienced, plays solid defense, has great size, and can play either forward spot which will help the Pistons frontline a lot. If he's not available, my next choice is Bismack Biyombo. He's probably the best defender in the draft and he'll mean a lot to a team who's past success is known for it's great defense. Plus, he'll get to learn under Ben Wallace for one year. My last choice, if both of those guys are gone, would be Kemba Walker. I'm not at all sold on Stuckey as our point gaurd, and I'm sure Irving and Knight will be gone before #8. But Kemba, despite being a little too shoot-first at times, can be a true floor leader for us and is a much better shooter and clutch player than Stuckey. You don't have to agree, but those are my top 3 choices.

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I think that both Valanciunas

I think that both Valanciunas and Tristan Thompson will fall to them and they should choose one of them. Both are good picks but I would go with Valanciunas. I dont think Knight, Vesely, or Leonard will be available.

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Under contract..

These players are under contract next:

C: Greg Monroe/ Ben Wallace/ Jason Maxiell

PF: Charlie Villanueva/ Jason Maxiell/ Greg Monroe/ Ben Wallace

SF: Austin Daye/ Richard Hamilton/ Charlie Villanueva

SG: Richard Hamilton/ Ben Gordon/ Austin Daye/ Terrico White

PG: Will Bynum/ Terrico White.

Biggest needs in my opinion are a Quality PG an upgrade at SF and a back-up big man.

If Kemba Walker falls to 8th I would pick him otherwise a big man.

And sing and trade Tayshaun Prince and trade Richard Hamilton to acquire to needed reinforcements.

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Your table is pretty deceptive as you include some players twice and so seeing it the first time I thought they were absolutely loaded at PF and C + you do not include Rodney Stuckey (a restricted FA) who is likely to be resigned. Here is what it really looks like:

PG: Bynum

PG/SG: Stuckey / White

SG: Gordon

SG/SF: Rip Hamilton (to me he's not really a SF + Detroit does not count on him so it's kind of as if he didn't count)

SF: Daye/ Summers (will he be kept??? I doubt so)

PF/SF: Villanueva

PF: Jerebko (another restricted FA who will be kept)

PF/C: Maxiell

C/PF:Monroe (should evolve into a PF)


As we can see, the Pistons need players nearly everywhere apart from the PG spot (Stuckey + Bynum is ok for them). They definitely need help at SF and they should therefore take a SF who can also play SG or PF sometimes. They are also very thin at C with only Wallace being a true Center, but Wallace doesn't play that much and will need to retire.

So, for me there are 2 draft plans:

1) Draft a C in the first round and a SF/SG or SF/PF in the secound round:

-Possible Cs: Valanciunas (if available), Biyombo

-Possible SF/SGs: Chandler Parsons, Travis Leslie (possess the same type of player in Terrico White)

-Possible SF/PFs: Chandler Parsons, Mirotic (if available)

2) Draft a SF/SG or a SF/PF in the first round and a C in the second round:

-Possible SF/SGs: Leonard (if available), Jordan Hamilton

-Possible SF/PFs: Vesely (if available), Marcus Morris, Chris Singleton, Markieff Morris

-Possible Cs: Vucevic or Tyler (if available), Keith Benson, Greg Smith

This said the Pistons have difficult choices to do and must rebuild because they have major holes nearly everywhere.

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Valanciunas would be great

Valanciunas would be great for the Pistons except that he has contractual problems with his european club. He may not be able to come to the NBA for a couple of years. If I am the Pistons I don't know if I want to wait that long when there are other decent players on the board.

I really hope that in the next CBA that teams can pay more than $500K for a player's buyout. European salaries are on the rise so it doesn't help the same way that it used to and it prevents top European talent from coming to the NBA.

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Something else to think

Something else to think about: The Pistons were dead last in 1) total rebounds, and 2) block shots. Two big reasons why they need defensive big men.

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the pistons plan by the scarecrow...

They should make sure they draft Kemba Walker by any means...Kuester and Management should patch things up with Rip and allow the trio of Walker/Hamilton/Gordon hold down the fort until Jeremy Lamb joins them in the backcourt next year...Stuckey is not a Pg and can be moved in a sign and trade this Summer, looking for some size and potentially a Sf in return( Houston has Thabeet and Terrence Williams to offer for Stuckey in trade) their round pick can net either a young Sf or C project, they like their bigs to fly under the radar, Bismack makes sense style wise but is too huge a risk for Dumars and Kuester to take 8th, and they certainly can't draft a player top ten and then tell their fan base they'll have to wait a few years to see him play in the case of Valenceunas...they have to find a way to draft Kemba...he may fall to them as the teams that need point guards like The Cavs, Jazz, Raps and Kings may go a lot of different ways, The Cavs may take Irving 1st, The Jazz could draft Vessely 3rd and Jimmer 12th, The Raps would likely be open to trading the pick to the Pistons if they can get Jonas or Bismack plus Austin Daye for the 5th pick, The Kings are looking for Brandon Knight by any means ...

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not sure why you got -5

not sure why you got -5 negatives with that topic ???

valanciunas, leonard and Tristian Thompson are all this weeks news.... next week who knows

they would prob take kemba walker if available but i think he might be gone by no8

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They need to go either PG or

They need to go either PG or PF. Id would be great if Kemba is still available. If he is gone, then they should go with a inside post player to complement Greg Monroe's high post up game. Tristan Thompson would go great with Monroe. Either Kemba or Thompson would be a good pick for them at #8.

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