8 Deadly Thoughts

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8 Deadly Thoughts

So with the draft a couple days away, I thought it could be a nice change of pace for me to do one of these instead of a trade idea or my mock draft.. LoL..

1. We are about to enter a new era of NBA. Huge coaching turnovers, potential super teams coming together, star studded draft in 2014, big names like Duncan, Bryant, Nash looking at the end of their careers, Lebron trying to become THE GOAT, and Miami looking like the next dynasty. Look at those stories. NBA is changing fast and I think its a great thing.

2. Doc Rivers to the Clippers is huge. I think it means that CP3 is staying, Bledsoe will be gone by the trading deadline, and regardless of Dwight Howard, this team will be awesome. I think they would be better if they get him because it most likely means that they get Garnett too.. Ask yourself this, what pair of players would you rather have with Paul, Griffin and Jordan or Howard and Garnett?? Answer seems obvious.

3. Closing in on the draft, we are hearing a lot about the Cavs making big moves. If you haven't heard, here are the 2 moves being floated around:

2 draft picks (not the number 1) for Pierce

Number 1 pick for Luol Deng

Celtics would only be doing it to cut costs. I understand that. I don't understand the move for the Bulls.. Sure Jimmy Butler was nice but was he good enough to move Deng?? Maybe.. Also, who would the Bulls target?? McLemore to play SG next to Rose (which I love) or Noel to make letting Boozer and Gibson go?? Maybe they like Oladipo to replace Deng's defensive prowess. IDK.. Seems fishy to me.. What would be crazy though is to see both guys playing in Celeveland.. Long shot and may not even be possible.. Meh..

4. This time of year is always crazy but I think the fact that its a weak draft makes it extremely unpredictable. I enjoy it but it is overwhelming with the rumors and such.

5. There are a lot of great FAs out there but I feel like the fact that this draft is so weak as really taken away from the attention that they would normally get. I mean look at this this:
Dwight Howard
Josh Smith
JR Smith
Andrew Bynum
Ray Allen
Monta Ellis
Brandon Jennings
Al Jefferson
Paul Milsap
That is a crazy list of people there.. I doubt they all will, but every player there could change teams.. That's just the list of big name guys too.. Tons of role players out there.

6. Greg Oden will get his last chance soon, to prove that he can still be an NBA player.. I think, we forget so fast what kind of player Oden was his rookie year. This guy was a beast and he could have helped reshape the modern big man if he was healthy.. He was that dominate.. I am rooting for him to make a nice comeback and at least be a role player somewhere. I cant see him ever getting back to what he was but I think he can be a version of Brendan Haywood. Serviceable big man that can start when his team has nobody else but best served as a backup.

7. Making a mock draft for this year is nearly impossible. Lots of teams need help but there isn't much out there. There are also hugely conflicting opinions on prospects. If Noel hadn't gotten hurt, it would make things a little easier because there wouldn't be a that potential risk of drafting an injury riddled big man and the pieces would fall into place after that. My top 5 players looks like this in no order:
A lot of you will disagree but those are the top 5 players IMO.. Then the list gets crazy.. I love a bunch of guys late in the first round too like:
Something that I think is strange that as weak as this draft is, every guy I listed at the bottom could end up being better than they guys I listed at the top. Impossible to predict...

8. I am giddy about next years college basketball season and the 2014 draft. 1 reason is that my WVU Mountaineers are going to be a completely different team and that makes me happy.. But the second reason is that the talent level of the college freshmen and returning players is going to be at an all time high.. The freshmen are going to be crazy. The sophomores that decided to return are going to be very good and the upperclassmen will be fighting to prove that they are just as good as these "1 year wonders."

Thanks for reading! Good luck with your Mock's!

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i think your top 5 are spot

i think your top 5 are spot on.

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I'm cheering for Greg Oden as

I'm cheering for Greg Oden as well, hoping he can come back and at least contribute for whatever team takes a chance on him.

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Looks like KG won't be going

Looks like KG won't be going to the Clippers. Clips and C's can't make any trades until after next season.

Two more Cavs' deals. News came out that they were turned down by the T'wolves. Offered Waiters, Thompson, and 1st pick for Love. There have also been rumors of them trading up to draft Karasev, with the Mavs 13th pick and Marion being a possible deal.

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