76ers PG since Hinkie Era

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76ers PG since Hinkie Era

I just find it interesting to note from where we began to where we are now:

It started in 2013 with Jrue Holiday being traded for Nerlens Noel, Dario Saric, and their 2017 1st Round Pick (from Orlando, after the Bynum trade disaster).

----Lost Jrue the "all-star", picked up Nerlens and Dario, and drafted Jrue's replacement in the enigmatic MCW.

MCW was traded for the protected Lakers 2016 1st Round Pick, protected, in 2015.

2013 PG was Jrue Holiday.

2014 - 2015 PG was MCW.

2015 draft Russell went #2 and Mudiay, Booker, and Rozier were on the board but the Sixers took the infamous Jahlil Okafor and left the "guard" spot open.

2016 draft - Sixers take Ben Simmons the ball-handler and passing whiz, but prototypical guard spot remains vacant. Lakers pick still doens't convey.

2017 draft - Sixers trade #3, and the sorry-Lakers pick which doesn't convey, for Markelle Fultz.

So to the Hinkie era...

The Sixers guards went from Jrue who became Noel + MCW.

Jrue is a nice player, but to me, he is low energy, not exciting and dynamic, hasn't shown any ability to make his teammates much better and bring a winning culture. He's a role playing PG, to me, a replaceable cog in the premier position in the NBA, average. Some people wanted him back this offseason, but to me, its no surprise he might resign with New Orleans, another poorly managed average organization, how fitting that they resign Jrue.

From Jrue to MCW, who they almost traded for Elfrid Payton. Thank GOD that did not happen, as Elfrid Payton to me is a decent PG but lacks any ability to lead and bring a winning culture. MCW has shown his worth in the NBA, he is essentially hot garbage. You saw the major dropoff from Rondo to MCW for the Bulls in the playoffs this year.

From MCW we had the opportunity to possibly draft D'Lo Russell or Mudiay, but instead went with Okafor. Clearly, Porzingis and Towns and Booker were the men in that draft. Okafor is a dinosaur in today's NBA, so that was a miss, but if we drafted Mudiay or Russell, perhaps the tam would improve enough to not get Ben Simmons, and likely we would not have taken a shot at Fultz this year, because PG was secured. Thankfully that was not the case and the Sixers remained patient. Mudiay was a great prospect highly touted by Larry Brown, who said he was the greatest PG since J. Kidd. Mudiay's limitations are apparent, his impact is limited by his weak penetrating and finishing and inconsistent shot and he isn't a great passer. Mudiay is I think slightly better than Jrue Holiday in the next two years...I think he plays hard, and a lineup of maybe Simmons Mudiay Jackson and Embiid would be intriguing, but... well first Russsell. Obviously the Lakers tried to outsmart us and grab him. Russell's legs are just too weak, he isn't athletic enough for the NBA. He said nobody could guard him but he found out the talent level in teh NBA. He needs to be used better and is a fine shooter, but I don't think he knows how to lead or make others around him better. He would be a nice fit next to Simmons, but his defense is very skethcy.

So clearly...if you have the option....

of Fultz, Mudiay, Russell, MCW, or Holiday, you take Fultz right?!?!

We got Fultz for the #3 pick and MCW, and enough losing to ensure Ben Simmons. Also we got Dario Saric and our 2017 1st back from Orlando for Elfrid Payton (while we had MCW)...

But my point is, the Sixers could easily have drafted a "guard" instead of their big men haul...fortunately, we were able to turn our assets (basically Jrue Holiday = Nerlens + MCW + #3 = Markelle Fultz

I'm alright with that, I wish we got more for Nerlens...but hey, good deal.

Fultz = MCW + 2017 First Rounder. NOT BAD!!

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I'd love to see the Bulls

I'd love to see the Bulls read this and propose a trade of MCW and pick #16 for pick #1

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