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Hey world, remember me??? Been out a while, my hamstring is on it's way to recovering and I'll be playin' again soon...

Anyways, CBS sports has put together specials on the 75 YEARS OF MARCH MADNESS and ranked the top 10 champs that never were... here is how it turned out... (I would pick the fab 5 at the top)

CBS ranked the top 10 upsets of all time and it went a lil' somethin' like this... (number 7 on that list is the biggest I've seen...)

CBS ranked the top 10 on hit wonders/improbable heroes here... (I would go with Stephon Curry on this one, Marvin O' Conner deserves an honerable mention too...)

CBS ranked the top 10 buzzer beaters of all time... (I agree with the top 1 here without a doubt...)

CBS ranked the top 10 coaches of all time... (Every coach on this list has a great case...)

CBS ranked the 75 greatest moments here... (sorry for so many links on this one)

CBS put together an "Ultimate Bracket" , putting together the champions in a bracket and running a computer simulation for the winner and it went like this... (best team I ever witnessed was 96' Kentucky)

Again, sorry for so many links(hoped they worked), but I didn't want to use a million threads or take over so much room with pictures... but I hope everyone who hasn't seen these yet has enjoyed...

On April 7th, CBS Sports will air at 10-11pm ET their all time team for those interested...

How would you rank them?

I'm outro, L8!

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Love this time of year!

Love this time of year!

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