7'0 Kresimir Nikic

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7'0 Kresimir Nikic

Finaly after 2 years fighting with injury very talented 99. born center Kresimir Nikic returned on court and played some high level junior tournament. He showed that once hype was not just because he is tall.

He is very gifted offensive player that can basicly do all on offense. He has high BB IQ, waits for play to develope and thinks on court. Has soft touch evet to 3 point line, can put ball on ground and attack facing up. He likes to do that after fakes and can go either left or right. Has nice hook shots with bouth hands. In low post he has very developed footwork and uses all sorts of moves. Turnarounds, up and unders, very developed for 17 year old center. Knows how to position in low post and is willing to fight for position. Understands what his job is. He is great passer for age, especially good inside outside passer. He should impruve his pick and roll movment, likes more to roll out than inside.

He has strong legs and is very fluid and mobile, tough he is not too athletic player. Should impruve once his body matures. Runs the floor very well. He is listed at 7'1, but to be honest he does not look that tall and is said to reach 7'2. We will see how much of that will happend.

On negative side he is soft player, kind like Ante Tomic, does not rebound if the ball does not fall into his hands. Not much of rim protector, often leavs his arms down. Needs to slide better. Not agresive player.

Overall, he is kind of mix of P. Gasol and Ante Tomic in terms skillset and way he plays, if his body improves into projected and stays healthy he can become great offensive player and a player to watch

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