7 Trades ideas , do any of them make sense???

Amare and Iman Shumpert for Bynum and Jason Richardson

Andre Iguadola and Anthony Randolph for Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Marquis Teague

Brandon Jennings and Mbah Moute for Tyreke Evans, Jimmer Freddette and a draft pick

Varejoe and Alonzo Gee for Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger and Courtney Lee

Perkins, PJ3 and Jeremy Lamb for Gortat and Beasley

Demarcus Cousins and Aaron Brooks for Jameer Nelson, Vucevic, Harkless and a 2013 1st round pick

Paul Milsap and Alec Burks for Ryan Anderson, Austin Rivers and Jason Smith

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Noooo, all of these trades

Noooo, all of these trades are VERY lopsided

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what trade isnt lopsided in the NBA

And what don't u like about them specificly? Thank You for your wisdom...

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Tyreke next to Ellis is a

Tyreke next to Ellis is a disaster waiting to happen, both are ball dominate players.

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None of them really help

None of them really help anyone involved. Like jennings for tyreke. Neither team is better for doing the trade. The jazz would still need to trade jefferson too because they would still have 4 bigmen. The whole point of trading jefferson or millsap is to get a young player that is either a wing or a point guard(preferably a point guard) and to free up playing time for favors and kanter.

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I would take that Iguadola trade in a heart beat! Unload that Boozer contract!!!!!! And stop paying Deng who makes 13 million and can't dribble, create his own shot, finish at the rim, or finish with ANY type of contact. But why is Denver doing that? As a bulls fan I would do that even if Iggy didn't stay just to clear cap space. Don't tease me.

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heck no

those trades arent accurate

clevelands center is one of the only players that lives up to contract or is underpaid

maybe sacramento trades cousins, and tyreke evans for oj mayo and c.kaman

new jersey needs a makeover avery johnson wasnt the problem
the problem is all there players are overpaid- kris humpries 12 mil for 8pts 8rebs
j.johnson 15 mil for 15 pts, d.williams isn't playing well

this year there are not many trades that make since or appealing
most the time I always can come up with some kind of trades but the draft is so weak,
teams like sacramento will be sorry for a long time

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NYK don't need Bynum

Why would they want a selfish player like Bynum at center when they already have Chandler?

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bynum is hurt nobody will want him

only trades i can think of

sac trades cousins&aaron brooks to boston for sullinger, collins, green, 1st rd pick

boston gets a young center that would have to act right on a winning team

sac gets a starting sf, backup center, and sullinger at center, until they draft n.noels, or cody zeller

or orlando
trade nelson& vujevic

for d.cousins and aaron brooks

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after the magic went through

after the magic went through the dwightmare last season, i highly doubt they would want to take in a talented but problematic big man in cousins. cousins has a better chance of turning it around under an established head coach, up and coming team that wont rely on him to win or loose every game, and a city with not that many distractions. to me his ideal landing spot is minny where he could get all of those. he'll be joining a good combination of young talent and in their prime vets. and most of all, it allows him to grow with a core of players that arent that far off from his age.

the fact that the twolves have a young starting center(Pekovic) and high talent(Derrick Williams) to part with makes it more ideal. the wolves could also take in john salmons' deal to offer cap relief while sending picks sac's way.

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the last two posts make sense

the only ones that are even close to sensical are the boston-cavs and orlando-kings ones.

whether orlando would want cousins makes a lot of sense though, benny is right...

so that leaves us with boston-cavs- boston giving up a lot but getting a centre. trouble is, both jeff green and jared sullinger play the 4 spot that the Cavs hope will be Tristan Thompson's, and Courtney Lee plays the 2 spot, for which the Cavs have just drafted Waiters.

So, in answer to your question, no, none of them make sense.

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