7 Game Series : Clippers and Warriors

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7 Game Series : Clippers and Warriors

Who wins and how? The Western conference is as open as the Pacific Ocean this year. Any team can get lucky and barge on to the finals. I think these two teams are evenly matched

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Warriors win it if you ask

Warriors win it if you ask me, easily..

Better bench, better shooters, better interior scoring and defense..

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I have to agree with Makaros,

I have to agree with Makaros, the warriors play with a better toughness and control the pace of the game slightly better than the clippers do. During the Heat game, the clippers looked great in the first half but their lack of defense at the 2 and 3 I think will hold them back from going past the WCF. Especially when you consider, teams like OKC, GSW, SAS and HOU who all have good to great players at those positions.

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As much as I love the

As much as I love the Clippers I think it's safe to say the Warriors at this point. When it comes to playoffs the game slows down and the Clippers half court offense doesn't look very improved from last year. The Warriors are tougher physically in the middle with Lee and Bogut but more importantly mentally. Blake and Deandre also have not improved their free throw shooting enough to give me the confidence the pick them. Clippers have the potential to get it together defensively but the Warriors are a more cohesive unit on that end as well.

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I think right now, it's the

I think right now, it's the Clippers. They just have much more experience than the Warriors, especially with Doc Rivers at the helm.

Plus, one rolled ankle from Stephen Curry and the Warriors offense comes to a complete standstill.

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