7-4 project Moussa Seck... from selling cosmetics to Dallas Mavs summer team

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7-4 project Moussa Seck... from selling cosmetics to Dallas Mavs summer team

(this is from last year but this is the only article i could find on the guy)

For Moussa Seck, who was awaiting the Mavericks' Las Vegas summer league game against the Suns, it was another chance to observe and perhaps learn something that might help him complete an unlikely journey from Senegal to the NBA.

Seck, 22, watched as rookies, free agents and other fringe players from the Timberwolves and the NBA D-League competed in the summer league.

From a long-term perspective, Seck is the most fascinating player on the Mavericks' summer league team, even more so than No. 1 pick Rodrique Beaubois from France.

Seck, however, is unlikely to even get on the court this week at the summer league because he has played only with an amateur team in Italy last season.

"But," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle noted, "he has something you can't teach."

Seck is the essence of a project – a raw talent that is a sweet dream of Mavericks executives because he is not only 7-4, but also has surprisingly good basketball skills.

Seck's presence in the summer league is remarkable, considering that two years ago, his playing experience was confined to playgrounds in his native Senegal.

"He's one of the most teachable and coachable big men I have ever seen," said Mavericks European scout Roberto Carmenati. "He has a freakish wingspan. He can run, he's very coordinated, he has a nice shooting form, soft hands, huge hands, and he has a natural ability to get offensive rebounds and block shots."

Or as Amadou Gallo Fall, the Mavericks' director of scouting and vice president of international affairs, said: "The impressive thing is the kid can grab the rim with both hands just flat-footed on the ground."

Fall, who like Seck is from Kaolack, Senegal, learned about him from friends who said Seck "was really, really tall."

"Somebody tells you that and sometimes they are my height, 6-7 or whatever," Fall said. "But I went over to his house and saw him. I had no idea whether he played or anything, but he was 7-3-plus."

Fall has basketball camps and an academy in Senegal and Seck entered the program. He was placed in the amateur league in Italy last season and developed nicely.

Seck went to Italy knowing only French and a dialect of Senegalese, but he quickly picked up Italian. When he was being interviewed, he answered questions in Italian with Carmenati interpreting.

Getty Images
Moussa Seck, a 7-4 player from Senegal, retrieves his sneakers from the classroom roof before a training session at the Seed Academy, a basketball boarding school. "Playing in the NBA is still a dream," said Seck, who speaks some English and can understand most questions.

Seck is not close to being an accomplished player. He weighs only 220 pounds.

One Mavericks official said it could be three to five years before Seck can compete in the NBA.

And Seck's lack of game experience is one reason why the Mavericks don't want him to play in the summer league.

"I think it's better for him to work out in practice, watch games and not put him out there where it might affect his confidence," Fall said.

Seck is a free agent, so if the Mavericks do not put him on their 15-man roster, someone else could sign him, although that seems unlikely.

Mavericks general manager Donnie Nelson is intrigued by Seck, but also realistic.

"He needs another year or two in Europe," Nelson said. He's not ready yet."

"Said Seck, "I know I'm a couple of years away from making it, but I think it's a dream coming true day by day.


the link to the article has a funny pic of him retrieving his sneakers from the classroom roof (his own locker) before a training session at the Seed Academy, a basketball boarding school.

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I was just thinking, remember when Moussa Seck was Dallas' contingency plan? Well, after putting up barely more than a point and board per game in the NBADL, the Mavs have since found a sufficient big man who will more than likely be controlling the paint. But, nonetheless, this was a fun story:

Also found this Gem by canesboy:

R-Dot, did you remember him, lol? He is incredibly tall, and that always makes people intriguing. I guess he is still only 24 (in Bismack Biyombo years), but it does not seem like Moussa will be coming to the NBA anytime soon. Still, had he maybe been discovered earlier and given familiarity with the game at a younger age.......he might have been the Mavs 4th Center after Ian Mahinmi. Still, when you are that tall, you are probably going to change a few shots in the paint:

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I remember him.. but i am not

I remember him.. but i am not as intrigued as i was before lol

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Doesn't seem to have much of

Doesn't seem to have much of a motor from that vid.

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