The 5 year plan - you make the call

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The 5 year plan - you make the call

Hi all,

So I've been thinking... If you drafted every player in the NBA with the knowledge that you get that guy and who he is now--injuries, age, and all--for the next five years, who are the top 5 players?

Obviously you start with Lebron and Durant, but who are the next 3?

Here's mine

Kyrie Irving
Russell Westbrook
Chris Paul

I know, 3 point guards, right? Who would you go with?

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Mine: Kyrie Irving Derrick


Kyrie Irving
Derrick Rose (Too talented, especially if we going 5 years from now. He will be very good for the next 5 years at least)
Chris Paul

There are a few guys I need to see more of and some who are close:
James Harden, Blake Griffin, Paul George, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony

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Out of those 3 it would have

Out of those 3 it would have to be Irving...cp3 seems to be injury prone and that's olnly going to get worse as he ages. Russell Westbrooke is not a team player and annoys the hell out of me personally.

Minus lebron and durant I would go with a healthy D rose, Dwight Howard and...probably Melo or James harden. IMO hardens been really impressive this year with his all around skills I like his game a lot more than d wades..he is defiantly a unique 2 guard in the league today...reminds me a lot of Manu.

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I would go with those guys in

I would go with those guys in particular order after lebron and durant. To me not getting hurt is a crucial part about being a great player. Lebron misses very few games, same with durant.

russell westbrook- he hasnt missed a game (unlike chris paul who gets hurt ocasionally and he competes hard every game and he is being more of a playmaker now that harden is gone, he is averaging 8 asts a game.
kyrie irving- He has had injury problems. he is clutch, he is a leader, he is efficient with the shots he takes and he can a team.
Derrick rose- he blew out his knee but that other than that he has been durable, but he is a leader, hard worker, He does everything.

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I here Brian Scalabrine is

I here Brian Scalabrine is going to come out of retirement..

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1. Chris Paul - Even with his

1. Chris Paul - Even with his injuries here and there, you still have to take him after LeBron James and Kevin Durant. He's simply too good. With him, the Clippers look like legit title contenders. Without him, they barely look like a playoff team.

2. Derrick Rose - He's coming off of a major knee injury, but he'll be 100% next season... That's a fact. And when he's 100%, he's right on Paul's heels as the best point guard in basketball.

3. Dwight Howard - Despite the fact he's coming off of a major back surgery and I don't think he'll EVER be a go-to offensive player, I still think he's the best big man in the league. I have faith he'll get back to 100%. He's a guy who's already led a team to the Finals.

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