5 Year Old Germ Bombs

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5 Year Old Germ Bombs

Day four here in monkey town. The monkeys are out of control right now, playing Fable Heroes, which I remember got poor reviews, but it's the crowd favorite here. The kids scream at each other as they wail on the controllers, trying to collect coins and hearts before their brothers do. It gets pretty competitive and they call each other names and stuff. It's not exactly the best example of the boys' good consciences, but it keeps them entertained for an hour or so while we adults drink coffee and recover from the day before.

It's hard as there's one nine year old who is mostly okay, but the two five year olds are a little out of control, and can be exascerbated by the older one. It's a hellish cycle. The five year olds basically don't know what they're doing in the game, and are often stuck in corners, or are dead. But sometimes they're actually playing and that's when they're happy.

We had to take away the games yesterday because they were being bad so there was no video games, and they got them back this morning.

In other news I loaned the nine year old my copy of the Ocarina of Time for the 3DS and he is REALLY into it, which makes me quite glad. He's on Death Mountain now, dealing with the Gorons, and he has progressed pretty far. He gets stuck every once in a while and I help him. I'm really happy for him to experience this game though. It's pretty cool. Laughing

Finally, the nine year old has been watching me play DAO on my laptop in the evenings once the little boys have gone to bed. HE helps me decide what to say in dialogues and stuff. He likes it. He like upgrading the guys when they level up. I think I'm going to buy him a copy of the game so he can play himself at home. He might be young but he gets it, and he also plays Total War by himself, so I think it's cool. He's my gaming buddy... and I like that a lot.

One bad thing though, and this is my PSA of the day. The one five year old has an infection on his penis that is really hurting him and we had to take him to the doctor yesterday. He's uncircumcised and that's a leading reason why. He probably doesn't clean it as well as he can. The people at the doctor's were like "You have to circumcise these boys!" What's funny is they're from San Francisco, where the activists protest the opposite, and tell people that circumcision is cruel and unnecessary. Personally, as I am circumcised, I believe in it, and I'm happy with how I am. Maybe I would be if I wasn't too, but I personally believe in the operation, and I feel sorry for these boys.

Anyway, that's it for today.

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Thanks For Sharing This Great

Thanks For Sharing This Great Info..

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