5 Most influential players on your game

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5 Most influential players on your game

Which 5 nba players influenced your game the most and how?

1. J-Will- street style basketball for better or for worse. Behind the back, no look,...etc. all credited to J-Will.

2. Iverson- the crossover and ability to get to the basket as a smaller player.

3. D-Wade- His reckless abandon and ability to take over in spurts.

4. J-Kidd- Reading the floor and throwin the oop and outlet. Also ability to hit the boards as a guard.

5. KG- Play D 100% 24/7 and play the game with passion

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1. Iverson - A little man

1. Iverson - A little man with swag can DEFINITELY take over games and be the best player on the floor.

2. Dennis Rodman / Jason Kidd / Rajon Rondo - I might not score 15+ppg, but I'm going to scowl my opponent, control the flow of the game, and do whatever it takes to get the win.

3. Wade - Same reasons as yours, his cool and collected mood can take over games by driving to the rim whenever he wants.

4. Payton - His "I'm gunna talk trash and shut you down" mindset is what I play with.

5. McGrady - I'm going to do whatever I want on offense, and you're gunna like it.

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Spud Webb - His

Spud Webb - His vert..

Michael Jordan - His competitve edge..

Shaq - His stregnth..

Ray Allen - His shooting ability...

Gary Payton - His defensive prowless...

Im really good....

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rajon rondo- look for my

rajon rondo- look for my teamates first

Allen iverson- got a mean crossover

steph curry- can hit the 3 and pass

steve nash- can kill ya in the pick and role

myself- i try to stay original lol

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1. Eddie House --- he always reminds me that despite being undersized and lack of dribbling skills, as long as I can shoot the basketball, I can play the game and get my minutes...

2. Jason Kidd --- I try to act like JKidd when i'm on the open court... I learn unselfishness from him... my 2002 MVP

3. Ray Allen --- shooting form

4. Mike Bibby --- I admire him way back with the Kings... His spot up shooting is solid...

5. Ben Gordon --- His teardrop

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1) Penny Hardaway - My first

1) Penny Hardaway - My first favorite player. I bought his jersey and his shoes when I was in middle school.

2) Gary Payton - As I grew older and became more knowledgable of basketball, I learned to appricate players who did everything on the court (rebound, pass, score, defense) and Payton was one of the most complete players in the league in his prime and I tried to model my game after him.

3) Steve Francis - Probably the player I enjoyed watching the most throughout my lifetime.

4) Latrell Sprewell - He was the best player on my favorite team (Warriors) and probably my favorte Warrior of all time.

5) Brandon Roy - Same reason as Gary Payton.

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Eddy curry - I love

Eddy curry - I love food

Rasheed Wallace - Some how i'm able to get up and down the court all day, but i'm always out of shape.

Kevin Martin / Antwan Jamison - I have a really ugly jumpshot

Kobe Bryant - I'm looking for foul calls on a street court, which is pointless because I'm not getting fouled at all but I complain about it.

And last but not least.

Kevin Garnett - I talk so much shit to get into who ever it is i'm guarding head. And it rarely works.

With all this, I still love playing every chance I get.

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Dirk- Combo of size and

Dirk- Combo of size and shooting- i get called dirk all the time

Mike Miller- watching him in college made me want to be a better player

Adam Morrison- same as mike miller

Steve Nash- his court vision, creativity, shooting

Jason Williams- watching him on the kings growing up introduced me to a whole different style of play. He's the first player i remember watching who played with so much flair and showmanship. His fake behind the back pass was a move i practiced constantly as a kid. still workin on the elbow pass though... 10 years or so later my favorite shot is the pull up transition three.

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Only one player...Darko.

Only one player...Darko.

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1 - Rondo 2- Monta 3 - Paul 4

1 - Rondo

2- Monta

3 - Paul

4 - Kobe

5 - Artest ( I try and play really physical defense)

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Pippen Penny Hill Kobe Gino R






Rodman(im a madman when im asked to just rebound)

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1. Ray allen- his shooting

1. Ray allen- his shooting ability

2. Richard Hamilton- His ability to move without the ball

3. Bruce Bowen- lock down defense

4. Anderson Varejao- His hustle

5. Robert Horry- Ability to make big shots in close games

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1. Reggie Miller 2. Dirk

1. Reggie Miller

2. Dirk Nowitzki

3. Ray Allen

4. Michael Finley

5. Vince Carter

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Ray Allen - Shooting

Ray Allen - Shooting Stroke

Vince Carter - Dunking Ability

Allen Iverson - Speed, and Ball Handling

Steve Nash - Basketball IQ

Kobe Bryant - Toughness & Killer Instinct

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for me its very hard to

for me its very hard to say

probably at this pt. cp3

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I kinda play like Gary

I kinda play like Gary Payton. I learn a lot from watching Derrick Rose also.

In college, I definitely learn the most from Jimmer Fredette. White dude shakin and bakin anyone that gets in his way. I'm gonna try and model my game after him until I get more athletic

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Ray Allen Reggie

Ray Allen

Reggie Miller




....... i can shoot the rock

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Dwayne Wade- I shaped my game

Dwayne Wade- I shaped my game after him from day one. I just loved what he could do without the consistant three point shot. His explosiveness to the rim, great dribbles, strong finishes, great leadership, excellent defense. I loved putting my mind in that Dwayne Wade mode.

Rajon Rondo- Contribute in every area accept three pointers and blocks. Everyone says Rondo is a pass first gaurd but I disagree, look for the layup first if that drive is not available you become pass first. Also his trademark move, the ball fake I loved using that.

Ben Wallace- Extremely undersized but put forth the most effort on the court. Blocks, steals, rebounds, charges taken, and solid positional defense. I loved when I was matched up with big men, made me play harder.

Chris Bosh- The jab step is deadly. Learned the jab step, pump fake, sweep from Bosh. Thats about all I learned because thats all he really did. He did it well thou.

Gilbert Arenas- Never shaped my game after him, just the buzzer beater shot haha. Everyone has pretended they were Arenas art least once, on the court counting down 5, 4, 3,2, 1, eghhhhhhhhhhh! Try again....5, 4, 3...

Right now I would have to say I most try to copy Derrick Rose, which is difficult considering Im coming of a leg injury which cut down my explosiveness. Take for example at 2:48 of this video where he extends his left foot forward without picking up his dribble, brings his foot back, crosses over to the right, drives and finishes with a layup. Thats something that catches people off gaurd, but part of that is not how quick you can pull the move off, sometimes you have to wait for the defender to be in the right position to make it happen. lol hard to explain. Anyways this whole video is what I have been incorporating lately...

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Deron Williams - I love the

Deron Williams - I love the way he changes direction

Tyreke Evans - Straight bully people to the rim when they try to go body-to-body with me on the perimeter

Carmelo Anthony - His versatility as a scorer

Allen Iverson - I'd use his crossover much more often if I could do it without carrying

Derrick Rose - After watching him recently, I learned how much of a difference it makes when you get your body really low to the ground while exploding past your man. I never got anywhere near as low as he does before I watched him. Trust me -- it makes a huge difference.

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tmac-all around player, can

tmac-all around player, can shoot, slash, pass, rebound, play d etc, and can take a leader role when needed

monta ellis- my game is gettin in the paint, and adjusting my body in air to get a shot off.

anthony randolph- long, athletic, skinny player amongst my peers, i grab rebounds block shots, yet i still have the skill set of a guard.

scottie pippen- can still make a difference even when im not leading the team, does work with the small things

any player, pretty tall athletic and skinny in standards, descent mid range and 3 pt game, can pass, handle, rebound, and block. thats about what player i am.

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Cashmere Wright-

Cashmere Wright- I try to be poised like him when breaking his man off the dribble, crafty when using the pick and roll, unselfish, swinging the ball and not trying to make flash passes or things to make me look good. Only shooting the ball when i am able to beat my man off the dribble coming down the court, or putting a quick move on him when i see little help defense, and taking open jumpers.

Dairese Gary- Trying to be big, bulky, and tough like him. He is a bulky, strong point guard, and i want to model myself after him. His play style is very unselfish, he swings the ball so his team can get a good shot, and realizes when he has the best opportunity to attack the defense, and make a play for himself or his teammates.

Will Bynum- Just trying to be strong and tough like him. Bynum is very small, just like me, and he can take a hit when going to the cup. I love the way Bynum makes a move he knows his man will read to a certain degree and will slide with him, and Bynum is takes a couple of attack dribbles to get his man sliding, then when he is on his hip, Bynum will pull the ball back, and stroke a jumper.

Demetri Goodson- Trying to be like him by being aware of what is going on, on the court. He is able to adapt to things very well, and i like to be like him, because whatever role i play on the team, i want to help my team and contribute in any ways possible.

Vincent Council- I definitely try to be like him by, when i got a pesky defender hounding me up the court, i am able to go by him with a simple, strong move going up the court. I see sometimes that Council's shot selection isn't the best at times, and i try to stay away from that, but when i get into the paint i like to take a little floater to get it over the bigs to score.

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Dennis Rodman - try to play

Dennis Rodman - try to play with heart and even though I'm about 10 times more undersized than him, try to go for every possible rebound all the time.

Bruce Bowen - Try to play like him - knock down wide open jump shots and frustrate the person you're defending.

Muggsy Bouges - The guy basically gives me hope not to leave the court and to continue playing.

Jason Williams - Love the flashy passes, try to do the things he did on court.

Damon Stoudamire - the mighty mouse, one of my favorite players - undersized do-it-all guy, who could rebound, pass and score, I probably try to be Stoudamire minus the scoring lol

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Steve Nash-From watching him

Steve Nash-From watching him I've learned to run an offense and how to play the pg position.

Derrick Rose-I worked on my finishing ability to mimic his.

Kobe Bryant-I never really got to see MJ, and I'm not a big Kobe fan but his dedication influenced me and I always try to copy his moves. Also learned to use your feet and fakes instead of relying so much on athleticism.

Rajon Rondo-I hate him but I use his ball fakes all the time.

Amare Stoudemire-His iso post thing he did in Phoenix I've troed to master and add on to.

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