49ers have given up 26 legit points in two weeks to Pack and Lions

A blatant block in the back for 8, a blatant illegal pick for 7, 49ers are the best team in football, it's not even close.

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read, thanks

read, thanks

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It is unlikely that the NBA

It is unlikely that the NBA or the locked-out NHL look at Seattle in the short term, but with a new state of the art building now a few years away, Seattle jumps to the front of the line in terms of a desirable destination for a relocating team, especially in the NBA.

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"I mean, I've always felt

"I mean, I've always felt I've been one of the leaders of the team," Horford said. "And this year it's no different for me, I guess you can say. Josh (Smith), myself, Zaza find ourselves where we're in a position where we are the older guys. The other guys talk about who's playing, who's doing what. We can definitely can relate to that, especially some of the veterans who came from other teams but yeah you can say that."

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