40th Annual City of Palms Classic preview, schedule, and info

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40th Annual City of Palms Classic preview, schedule, and info

Really good preview of the City of Palms Classic, which will be taking place in Florida from December 18-22. Last year's champion, Prestonwood Christian, will be without Julius Randle and Mickey Mitchell, so looks like a new champion will be crowned. Favorites look to be Montverde, Paul VI, Whitney Young, Chester, Lone Peak, Memphis Southwind and Long Beach Poly. Their will also be some games separate from the tournament, including one in which Andrew Wiggins'/Huntington take on Justin Jackson (2014)/HCYA. Also posted this in the "News" section of the site, but felt like people might want a heads up in case you do not check it out.

40th Annual City of Palms Classic preview, schedule, and info

Posted: Dec 14, 2012 10:40 PM EST Updated: Dec 16, 2012 10:47 PM EST By Rishi Barran

FORT MYERS- The 40th Annual City of Palms Classic will once again be a showcase of the best high school basketball players and teams that the nation has to offer.

Six of the top eight ranked teams in the nation are in the stacked field this year, and the tournament will feature the top-rated senior recruit in the country for the third straight year.

Huntington Prep forward Andrew Wiggins, who is highly sought after by most of the top college programs in the country, headlines an encylopedia of future college and NBA stars who will be playing in the tournament this year.

Wiggins follows Shabazz Muhammad (last year) and Austin Rivers (two years ago) as number one ranked overall recruits who have entered the City of Palms Classic with much hype early in their senior seasons.

This year's tournament also features the top-rated junior recruit in the country (Whitney Young junior center Jahlil Okafor).

Last year's City of Palms Classic champion, Prestonwood Christian (Plano, TX), returns to defend its title.

Unfortunately, fans won't be able to see the Lions' top two players in action this time.

Last year's tournament MVP, Julius Randle, recently broke his foot and will miss the entire tournament.

Randle is rated just behind Wiggins as's second-ranked recruit in the country.

Prestonwood Christian's other star, sophomore guard Mickey Mitchell, will also miss the tournament with a torn ACL.

Mitchell is ranked as the 4th best sophomore in the country by ESPN.

Another recent development kept Deion Sanders's Prime Prep Academy (Dallas, TX) out of the tournament.

Prime Prep left Texas's University Interscholastic League, which created a scenario that would have made it ineligible to play against some of the other teams in the City of Palms Classic.

Jacksonville's North Florida Educational Institute has replaced Prime Prep in the tournament field.

Below is this year's schedule, a list of nationally ranked teams competing in this year's Classic, and a guide of some of the highly recruited players who you'll get to see close up this year at Bishop Verot High School.

This year's tournament runs from December 18- December 22.



Game 1- 3:00 P.M.- Tifton Tift County (Ga.) vs. Long Beach Poly (Calif.)

Game 2- 4:45 P.M.- McDonough Eagle's Landing (Ga.) vs. Omaha Central (Neb.)

Game 3 (Sunshine Series)- 6:30 P.M.- Sarasota Riverview (Fla.) vs. Plantation American Heritage (Fla.)

Game 4- 8:15 P.M.- Fort Myers Bishop Verot (Fla.) vs. Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas (Fla.)

Game 5- 10:00 P.M.- Chester (Pa.) vs. Orlando Lake Highland Prep (Fla.)


Game 6- 12:45 P.M.- Consolation: Gm 2 loser (Eagle's-Omaha Cent) vs. Gm 1 loser (Tift Co-LB Poly)

Game 7- 2:30 P.M.- Plano Prestonwood Christian (Texas) vs. Memphis Southwind (Tenn.)

Game 8- 4:15 P.M.- Montverde Academy (Fla.) vs. Gm 4 winner (Verot-Aquinas)

Game 9 (Quarterfinal)- 6:00 P.M.- Gm 2 winner (Eagle's-Omaha Cent) vs. Gm 1 winner (Tift Co-LB Poly)

Team Flight Brothers Dunk Show- 7:25 P.M.

Game 10- 8:00 P.M.- Highland Lone Peak (Utah) vs. Jackson Callaway (Miss.)

Game 11- 9:45 P.M.- Lake Wales (Fla.) vs. Fairfax Paul VI (Va.)


Game 12- 10 A.M.- Consolation: Gm 5 loser (Chester-Lake Highland) vs. Gm 8 loser (Montverde-Verot-Aquinas)

Game 13- 11:45 A.M.- Consolation: Gm 10 loser (Lone Peak-Callaway) vs. Gm 4 loser (Verot-Aquinas)

Game 14- 1:30 P.M.- Consolation: Gm 7 loser (Prestonwood-Southwind) vs. Gm 11 loser (Lake Wales-Paul VI)

Game 15 (Signature Series)- 3:15 P.M.- Saltsburg Kiski School (Pa.) vs. Jacksonville Arlington Country Day (Fla.)

Game 16 (Quarterfinal)- 5:15 P.M.- Gm 10 winner (Lone Peak-Callaway) vs. Gm 5 winner (Chester-Lake Highland)

Game 17 (Signature Series)- 7:00 P.M.- Huntington Prep (WVa.) vs. Houston HCYA (Texas)

Hahn Loeser City of Palms Classic 3-Point Shootout- 8:25 P.M.

Game 18 (Quarterfinal)- 9:15 P.M.- Gm 11 winner (Lake Wales-Paul VI) vs. Gm 7 winner (Prestonwood-Southwind)

Game 19 (Quarterfinal)- 11:00 P.M.- Gm 8 winner (Montverde-Verot-Aquinas) vs. Chicago Whitney Young (Ill.)


Game 20- 8:45 A.M.- Challenge-round game: Gm 14 loser vs. Gm 13 loser

Game 21- 10:25 A.M.- Challenge-round game: Gm 12 loser vs. Gm 6 loser

Game 22 (Consolation Semifinal)- 12:05 P.M.- Gm 13 winner vs. Gm 6 winner

Game 23 (Consolation Semifinal)- 1:45 P.M.- Gm 14 winner vs. Gm 12 winner

Game 24 (Fifth-Place Semifinal)- 3:30 P.M.- Gm 16 loser vs. Gm 18 loser

Game 25 (Fifth-Place Semfinal)- 5:15 P.M.- Gm 19 loser vs. Gm 9 loser

Game 26 (Semifinal)- 7:00 P.M.- Gm 16 winner vs. Game 18 winner

Edison National Bank Slam Dunk Championship- 8:25 P.M.

Game 27 (Semifinal)- 9:30 P.M.- Gm 19 winner vs. Gm 9 winner

Game 28 (Sunshine Series)- 11:15 P.M.- Community School of Naples (Fla.) vs. Jacksonville NFla. Educational (Fla.)


Game 29 (Consolation Championship)- 9 A.M.- Game 22 winner vs. Game 23 winner

Game 30 (Fifth-Place Final)- 10:40 A.M.- Game 24 winner vs. Game 25 winner

Game 31 (Sunshine Series)- 12:20 P.M.- Orlando Maynard Evans (Fla.) vs. Lehigh Acres East Lee County (Fla.)

Game 32 (Signature Series)- 2:00 P.M.- Gm 17 loser (Huntington-HCYA) vs. Gm 15 loser (Kiski-ACD)

Game 33 (Third-Place Final)- 3:45 P.M.- Gm 27 loser vs. Gm 26 loser

Game 34 (Sunshine Series)- 5:30 P.M.- Jacksonville North Florida Educational (Fla.) vs. Miami Norland (Fla.)

Game 35 (Signature Series Final)- 7:15 P.M.- Gm 15 winner (Hunt-HCYA) vs. Gm 17 winner (Kiski-ACD)

Game 36 (CITY OF PALMS CLASSIC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)- 9 P.M.- Game 27 winner vs. Game 26 winner


Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL)- #2 ESPN, #2 USA Today, #2

Huntington Prep (Huntington, WV)- #3 ESPN, #3 USA Today, #5

Chester High School (Chester, PA)- #4 USA Today, #5 ESPN, #10

Long Beach Polytechnic High School (Long Beach, CA)- #5 USA Today, #7, #8 ESPN

Lone Peak High School (Highland, UT)- #8 USA Today, #8, #10 ESPN

Southwind High School (Memphis, TN)- #11 ESPN, #14 USA Today, #15

Whitney Young High School (Chicago, IL)- #14 ESPN, #16 USA Today

Omaha Central High School (Omaha, NE)- #16

Paul VI Catholic High School (Fairfax, VA)- #17 USA Today, #18 ESPN, #25

Lake Highland Prep (Orlando, FL)- #21 ESPN


Andrew Wiggins- F- Huntington Prep (#1, Schools considering include: Duke, Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State, Syracuse)

Jahlil Okafor- C- Whitney Young (#1 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Florida, Florida State, North Carolina, Ohio State, Syracuse, Kansas, UCONN, Michigan State)

Julius Randle (out with broken foot)- F- Prestonwood Christian (#2, Schools considering include: Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, NC State, Oklahoma, Texas)

Mickey Mitchell (out with torn ACL)- G- Prestonwood Christian (#4 Class of 2015 ESPN Rankings, Schools considering include: Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas)

Kasey Hill- G- Montverde Academy (#9, Committed to Florida)

Marcus Derrickson- G- Paul VI (#9 Class of 2015 ESPN Rankings, Schools considering include: Georgetown, Indiana, Maryland, Miami, Villanova)

D'Angelo Russell- G- Montverde Academy (#10 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Cincinnati, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio State, Central Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma State)

Dakari Johnson- C- Montverde Academy (#13, Schools considering include: Georgetown, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Missouri, Ohio State, Syracuse, Central Florida, Villanova, Xavier)

Rondae Jefferson- F- Chester (#19, Committed to Arizona)

Joel Berry- G- Lake Highland Prep (#22 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Duke, Florida, Florida State, Kansas, Maryland, Miami, North Carolina, Ohio State)

Brannen Greene- F- Tift County (#25, Committed to Kansas)

Franklin Howard- G- Paul VI (#25 Class of 2015 CBS Rankings, Schools considering include: Florida, Georgetown, Kansas, Miami, Ohio State, Seton Hall, South Florida, Villanova)

Xavier Rathan-Mayes- G- Huntington Prep (#28, Committed to Florida State)

Justin Jackson- F- Houston HCYA (#29 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Baylor, Duke, Florida, Georgetown, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio State, Texas)

Solomon Poole- G- Jacksonville North Florida Educational (#37, Committed to Georgia Tech)

Kameron Chatman- F- Long Beach Polytechnic (#38 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Arizona, Marquette, Memphis, Michigan, UCLA, Oregon)

Dominic Woodson- C- Huntington Prep (#39, Committed to Baylor)

Tadric Jackson- G- Tift County (#48 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Knasas, Ohio State, Georgia, Georgia Tech)

Johnathan Williams III- F- Southwind (#50, Committed to Missouri)

Paul White- F- Whitney Young (#55 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Arizona, Baylor, Florida, Florida State, Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin, DePaul)

Moses Kingsley- C- Huntington Prep (#62, Committed to Arkansas)

JaJuan Johnson- G- Southwind (#64, Committed to Marquette)

L.J. Peak- F- Whitney Young (#64 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, NC State, Ohio State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech)

Jordan Bell- F- Long Beach Polytechnic (#70, Committed to Oregon)

Eric Mika- F- Lone Peak (#72, Committed to Brigham Young)

T.J. Hawks- G- Lone Peak (#85 Class of 2014, Committed to Brigham Young)

Akoy Agau- F- Omaha Central (#86, Committed to Louisville)

Roschon Prince- F- Long Beach Polytechnic (#89, Committed to Southern Cal)

Devin Williams- C- Montverde Academy (#91, Committed to West Virginia)

Kobe Eubanks- G- American Heritage (#99 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio State)

Nick Emery- G- Lone Peak (#106, Committed to Brigham Young)

Jalyn Patterson- G- Montverde Academy (#129 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Auburn, College of Charleston, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech)

Justin Bibbs- G- Montverde Academy (#136 Class of 2014, Schools considering include: Central Florida, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Xavier)

Steven Haney- G- St. Thomas Aquinas (#148, Committed to Central Florida)

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City of Palms Official Site

Here it is:

Also, here is a cool list of NBA draftees that have played in the City of Palms since 1989. Pretty impressive group:

Year Round Pick # Player Team High School...December at COP
2012 1 2 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Charlotte Bobcats Elizabeth St. Patrick, ’08, ’10
1 10 Austin Rivers New Orleans Hornets Winter Park, ’08-09-10
1 14 John Henson Milwaukee Bucks Tampa Sickles, ’08
1 22 Fab Melo Boston Celtics Weston Sagemont, ’09
1 28 Perry Jones III Oklahoma City Thunder Duncanville, ’08
2 38 Quincy Miller Denver Nuggets Westchester Country Day, ’10
2011 1 4 Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers St. Benedict, ’07/Findlay Prep ’09
1 29 Cory Joseph San Antonio Spurs Findlay Prep, ’09
2 38 Chandler Parsons Houston Rockets Lake Howell, ’05-06
2010 1 1 John Wall Washington Wizards Word of God, ’08
1 7 Greg Monroe Detroit Pistons New Orleans Cox, ’06-07
1 15 Larry Sanders Milwaukee Bucks Port St. Lucie, ’06
1 24 Damion James Atlanta Hawks Nacogdoches, ’05
1 25 Dominique Jones Memphis Grizzlies Lake Wales, ’05
2 40 Lance Stephenson Indiana Pacers Brooklyn Lincoln, ’05-06, ’08
2 58 Derrick Caracter Los Angeles Lakers Elizabeth St. Patrick, ’02
2 60 Dwayne Collins Phoenix Suns Miami Senior, ’03
2009 1 4 Tyreke Evans Sacramento Kings American Christian, ’06
1 6 Jonny Flynn Minnesota T’wolves Niagara Falls, ’04
1 10 Brandon Jennings Milwaukee Bucks Compton Dominguez, ’05
1 12 Gerald Henderson Charlotte Bobcats Episcopal Academy, ’04-05
1 28 Wayne Ellington Minnesota T’wolves Episcopal Academy, ’04-05
2 37 DeJuan Blair San Antonio Spurs Pittsburgh Schenley, ’06
2 45 Nick Calathes Minnesota T’wolves Lake Howell, ’05-06
2008 1 2 Michael Beasley Miami Heat Bradenton IMG, ’03
1 5 Kevin Love Memphis Grizzlies Lake Oswego, ’05
1 11 Jerryd Bayless Indiana Pacers Phoenix St. Mary’s, ’06
2 32 Walter Sharpe Seattle SuperSonics Birmingham Parker, ’03
2 49 Richard Hendrix Golden State Warriors Athens, ’04
2007 1 8 Brandan Wright Charlotte Bobcats Brentwood Academy, ’05
1 10 Spencer Hawes Sacramento Kings Seattle Prep, ’04
2 32 Gabe Pruitt Boston Celtics Los Angeles Westchester, ’03
2 35 Glen Davis Seattle SuperSonics Baton Rouge LSU Lab, ’03
2 41 Chris Richard Minnesota T’wolves Lakeland Kathleen, ’01
2 53 Demetris Nichols Portland Trail Blazers Barrington St. Andrew’s, ’02
2 59 D.J. Strawberry Phoenix Suns Santa Ana Mater Dei, ’02
2006 1 2 LaMarcus Aldridge Chicago Bulls Dallas Seagoville, ’03
2 49 Leon Powe Denver Nuggets Oakland Technical, ’01
2 54 Hassan Adams New Jersey Nets Los Angeles Westchester, ’00-01
2005 1 2 Marvin Williams Atlanta Hawks Bremerton, ’03
1 6 Martell Webster Portland Trail Blazers Seattle Prep, ’04
1 20 Julius Hodge Denver Nuggets Bronx St. Raymond’s, ’00
2 35 Ricky Sanchez Portland Trail Blazers IMG-Pendleton, ’04
2 42 Chris Taft Golden State Warriors Brooklyn Xaverian, ’01
2 45 Louis Williams Philadelphia 76ers South Gwinnett, ’03-04
2 53 Orien Green Boston Celtics Gainesville, ’98
2004 2 38 Chris Duhon Chicago Bulls Slidell Salmen, ’99
2 43 Trevor Ariza New York Knicks Los Angeles Westchester, ’00-01
2003 1 10 Jarvis Hayes Washington Wizards Atlanta Douglass, ’97
2 31 Jason Kapono Cleveland Cavaliers Lakewood Artesia, ’98
2 32 Luke Walton Los Angeles Lakers Univ. of San Diego High, ’97
2002 1 23 Tayshaun Prince Detroit Pistons Compton Dominguez, ’95, ’97
2 47 Jamal Sampson Utah Jazz Santa Ana Mater Dei, ’99
2001 1 1 Kwame Brown Washington Wizards Glynn Academy, ’00
1 2 Tyson Chandler Chicago Bulls Compton Dominguez, ’97
1 10 Joe Johnson Boston Celtics Little Rock Central, ’98
1 18 Jason Collins Houston Rockets Harvard-Westlake, ’95
1 25 Gerald Wallace Sacramento Kings Childersburg, ’99
1 26 Samuel Dalembert Philadelphia 76ers Elizabeth St. Patrick, ’98
2 43 Eric Chenowith New York Knicks Villa Park, ’96
2 53 Jarron Collins Utah Jazz Harvard-Westlake, ’95
2 57 Alvin Jones Philadelphia 76ers Lakeland Kathleen, ’96
2000 1 10 Keyon Dooling Orlando Magic Fort Lauderdale Dillard, ’97
1 19 Jamaal Magliore Charlotte Hornets Toronto Eastern Commerce, ’95
1 22 Donnell Harvey New York Knicks Cuthbert Randolph-Clay, ’98
1999 1 11 Trajan Langdon Cleveland Cavaliers East Anchorage, ’92
1 20 Dion Glover Atlanta Hawks Ellenwood Cedar Grove, ’96
1 25 Tim James Miami Heat Miami Northwestern, ’93-94-95
1998 1 24 Felipe Lopez San Antonio Spurs Manhattan Rice, ’91
1 25 Al Harrington Indiana Pacers Elizabeth St. Patrick, ’95-96-97
2 53 Greg Buckner Dallas Mavericks University Heights, ’93
2 54 Tremaine Fowlkes Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Crenshaw, ’93
1997 1 3 Chauncey Billups Boston Celtics Denver Geo. Washington, ’94
1 6 Ron Mercer Boston Celtics Madison Goodpasture, ’93
1 7 Tim Thomas New Jersey Nets Paterson Catholic, ’93-94-95
1 10 Danny Fortson Milwaukee Bucks Pittsburgh Shaler, ’93
2 30 Serge Zwikker Houston Rockets Falls Church Flint Hill, ’89
2 41 Eddie Elisma Seattle SuperSonics Manhattan LaSalle, ’90
1996 1 9 Samaki Walker Dallas Mavericks Columbus Eastmoor, ’90
2 37 Jeff McInnis Denver Nuggets Mouth of Wilson Oak Hill, ’91
2 50 Charles Claxton Phoenix Suns Miami Carol City, ’88-89
1995 1 19 Randolph Childress Detroit Pistons Falls Church Flint Hill, ’89
1 29 Cory Alexander San Antonio Spurs Falls Church Flint Hill, ’89
1994 1 16 Clifford Rozier Golden State Warriors Bradenton Southeast, ’89
2 35 Michael Smith Sacramento Kings D.C. Dunbar, ’88
2 53 Anthony Goldwire Phoenix Suns Riviera Beach Suncoast, ’88
1989 2 54 Toney Mack Philadelphia 76ers Brandon ’82

They also have a list of the top 40 players in tournament history, based on team success, individual performance and accolades ONLY during the City of Palms. They have yet to announce the top 5, but here are some names people might recognize:

  • 2005 Lake Oswego Kevin Love (#39): Led LO to 4th place finish, made All-Tourney team and had 27 rebounds in his 1st game
  • 1998 Little Rock Central Joe Johnson (#35): 3rd place finish, All-Tourney team
  • 2000 Bronx St. Raymond's Julius Hodge (#34): 2nd Place Finish, All-Tourney team, 30th in tourney scoring average all-time 27.75 ppg
  • 2005-06, 08 Brooklyn Lincoln Lance Stephenson (#33): 5th place 2006, 6th place 2008, made All-Tourney every year, 4th all-time in tourney scoring with 270 points in 12 games (22.5 ppg)
  • 2010-11 Bishop Gorman Shabazz Muhammad (#32): 6th place in 2011, stats unavailable
  • 2003-04 Snellville South Gwinnett Louis Williams (#31): 2003 5th place finish, 2003 Slam Dunk Champ, 2004 3-point shootout champ, 2004 All-Tourney
  • 2004-05 Merion Station Espicopal Academy Wayne Ellington (#26): 2004 5th place finish, 2005 2nd place finish, All-Tourney both years, 8th in career total points 218 in 8 games (27.3 ppg)
  • 1995, 1997 Compton Dominguez Tayshaun Prince (#15): 1995 Tourney Champs, 1997 3rd place, All-Tourney 1997
  • 2005-06 Winter Park Lake Howell Nick Calathes (#12): 3rd place in 2006, All-Tourney both years, 2006 3-point champion, 4th most points in a single game (50), 7th career total points with 220 in 7 games (31.4 ppg)
  • 2003 Baton Rouge LSU Lab Glen "Big Baby" Davis (#11): 2nd place, All-Tourney, Tourney MVP, 22nd for ppg in a single tourney (29.0)
  • 2007 Newark St. Benedict's Samardo Samuels (#10): Tourney Champ, All-Tourney, Tourney MVP
  • 2011 Prestonwood Christian Julius Randle (#9): Tourney Champ, All-Tourney, Tourney MVP, no stats
  • 2004 Niagara Falls Paul Harris (#8): Tourney Champ, All-Tourney, Tourney MVP, Slam Dunk Champion
  • 2005 Nashville Brentwood Academy Brandan Wright (#7): Tourney Champ, All-Tourney, Tourney MVP, 22nd for ppg in a single tourney (29.))
  • 2004-2006 Mater Dei Taylor King (#6): 2006 Tourney Champ, All-Tourney both years, 2006 Tourney MVP, 5th most points in tourney history with 232 in 9 games (25.8 ppg)
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