4 way trade idea

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4 way trade idea

let me know what you guys think of this. and please tweak it to make it better if you think it should be tweaked.


Cleveland: Calderon, Fields, Toronto 1st round pick

New York: Anderson Varejao

Lakers: Stoudemire, Amir Johnson

Raptors: Gasol, Blake

Why it works-
Varejao has a lot of trade value and the cavs are shopping him. This way they get a top draft pick to go along with the one they already have (zeller, noel, shabazz, poythress, etc.), they finally get landry fields who they tried to acquire last year, and calderon expiring contract/back up pg skills. The Knicks get rid of Amare (who clearly doesnt fit in their system) and in return they get a great player who can fit into any system and bring a lot of energy. D'Antoni gets Amare to go with dwight and nash with amir johnson providing help at the 4 untill he gets back plus adding depth at the bigs down the stretch. And Toronto gets Gasol (who theyve been going after for a long time, and blake as a back up PG.

Notes: i could see valanciunas being traded instead of fields but that might be toronto giving up too much. idk...

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2 things wrong with this

2 things wrong with this trade. 1) Lakers have already stated that they do not want Stoudemire for Gasol, which this basically is. 2) The raptors 1st round pick was traded to the rockets for kyle lowry, and then traded to the thunder for james harden. So, yeah, the cavs wouldn't do it w/o that pick

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You should really read up if

You should really read up if your going to make a trade idea, way too many flaws

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in my standards (i see there

in my standards (i see there injury history too), Pau Gasol is Better than Amare, Amare can't do what he did back when he was in phoenix, he lost some spring and a step slower, While Pau Gasol's game is more of an Veteran Player, Post and efficient, Although he is still adjusting on what his role in the current lakers is,

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No. Just no. Everytime I look

No. Just no. Everytime I look at it, I don't understand it.

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Swapping Gasol for STAT

Swapping Gasol for STAT doesn't make a lot of sense as he doesn't help stretch the floor on offense or contribute a great deal defensively. He's a pick-and-roll big man, so he'd be redundant with Howard.

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gawd damn dewd fawking

gawd damn dewd fawking stuuupid

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