4 things from the NBA's last day...

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4 things from the NBA's last day...

1) What a strong come-on by 3 rookies:

Kelly Olynyk: last 3 games he's averaged 25.7 ppg, 9.3 rpg, 3.7 apg, 53% shooting

He can hit from all over the floor, I think he'd do great next to a shot-blocking, defensive-minded big. I love Sullinger too as a player, just not sure how those 2 will be able to co-exist

Trey Burke: had an up and down season but ended on a really high note: 32 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds on 10/21 shooting...Would love to see a full year of him, Hayward and Burks in the same lineup, even if it means they'd struggle on defense. It'll be interesting to see how the Jazz's offseason goes. Especially...what will they do with Kanter/Favors? Both have proven they're centers and cant really exist together at the same time.

KCP: Gets 30 points on 5 threes against the Thunder? Came out of no-where, I didn't like how he played all year. I'm not sure he showed the Pistons enough. Jury is still out on him

2) Marquis Teague is horrid.

He's so bad it's not even fair. What a miserable player. He's arguably the NBA's worst. He might not be on a roster next year...he shouldn't be.

3) What a push by the Grizz!!

From potentially missing to the playoffs 3 days ago to capturing the 7 seed and avoiding the Spurs in the first round (even though the Thunder aint that much better of a draw!) Still proud of how Dave Joerger has done with this injury-filled team (gasol missed tons of time, pondexters missed the whole year)

4) Awesome 1st round matchups

Blazers vs. Rockets?! We're pretty spoiled...That's a heck of a first-round matchup...I also think the Raptors/Nets matchup is going to be pretty intense. Bunch of vets vs. a group of young bucks. Lots of experience vs. lots of potential. Indiana vs. the overachieving Hawks might also be somewhat decent. A lot of that depends on Hibbert's demeanor/leadership.

Its playoff time!

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wow, good set of games by

wow, good set of games by Kelly. him and Sully will never workout togetheir but seems like a decent assset.

seems like a couple rookies had a good game today with starters resting. KCP, Archie Goodwin, Kelly O., Ben Mclemore. was more surprised by Goodwin's showing today. 9-11, 29 points. dude has great tools, just is inexperienced and really lacks a jumper.

Teague is by far he worst player in the league. me and you arent over exagerrating. the guy is flat out bad on both ends. he cant shot, drive, run an offense, defend,etc. Nets had to pick up a D-League PG during the middle of the year to avoid actually playing Teague,thats how bad he is. he has been forced on to Kidd because he was traded there at the start of the season, so he'll likely remain on the roster for one more year...then its off to Europe!

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Harrison Barnes also had a

Harrison Barnes also had a bit of a slump-busting game, let's hope he carries some momentum into the playoffs

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So I am guessing that the 3/6

So I am guessing that the 3/6 matchup is Clippers vs. Warriors. That should be a good one! Too bad Bogut is out, but that just means that Golden State will have to run full throttle. They should probably go with Draymond Green at power forward and David Lee at center. Harrison Barnes would be the sixth man then.

The Clips like to run, but not all the time. The Warriors need to push the pace.

Grizzlies vs. Thunder should be an epic series. Memphis is the team "nobody wants to face". Kevin Durant is the MVP-elect -- the PLAYER that nobody wants to face. Last year, the Grizzlies made the conference Finals by going through the Thunder in the second round. The year before that OKC made the NBA Finals. In 2011, the Thunder beat the Grizz in an epic 7 game semifinal series. Should be a great series.

Best part: the winner of these two series will play each other in the second round!

San Antonio looks to have an easier run to the conference finals, but they still have to show up against the Mavs. The Spurs need to get out in front of this thing before it turns into a SERIES.

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Archie Goodwin had 29 points

Archie Goodwin had 29 points last night for Phoenix. Career night.

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