4-Team Trade Idea
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4-Team Trade Idea

It's pertanear impossible to come up with a trade on the trade machine that works for four teams and does not take away wins from any teams. This is my attempt.

What grade would you give each team in this daydreaming trade scenario?

Give: David Lee, Harrison Barnes
Receive: Ryan Anderson, Shannon Brown, Landry Fields, Lakers 2015 first round draft pick (from Suns)
Why it works: It has long been said that a power forward who could shoot the three would make the Warrior's offense even more deadly. Anderson is one of the best shooting power forwards in the NBA and his offensive rebounding ability would be deadly on a team that shoots so many threes. A starting five of Curry-Thompson-Igoudala-Anderson-Bogut would be among the best in the NBA. In this trade, the Warriors use their trade exemptions to swallow Brown's and Fields' contracts so that they do not count against their salary cap or luxury tax. They can choose to either release Fields, or to give him a chance to prove that he can return to being a deadly outside shooter and solid role player. He could back up Igoudala and fill the void left by Harrison Barnes. Right now, the Warriors back up point guard is Tony Douglas. With this trade, they get a good veteran upgrade who can play defense and provide scoring off the bench. The Lakers' 2015 first round draft pick could end up being in lottery.

Give: Amir Johnson, Rudy Gay, Landry Fields
Receive: Eric Gordon, David Lee
Why it works: Taking on a bunch of salary for almost-allstar players might not be the direction the Raptors want to take. If Gordon figures out it, he could be a good primary scorer on the wing. David Lee is an ultra-skilled offensive big that could help to develop Jonas Valancunas. Pick and rolls with Lowry, Gordon, JV, and Lee could make a pretty good offensive team in Toronto. This trade also frees up time on the wing for promising young sophomore Terrance Ross. To make the trade happen, they have to give up Gay, an underachieving wing with a bloated contract who is taking valuable minutes away from one of their most promising players. They replace Amir Johnson, who played well last year and has a good contract for a defensive big man, with David Lee. In this trade they also get out of Landry Fields mistake contract. It just so happens that both Gordon's and Lee's contracts will be expiring about the time that JV and Ross are looking for an extension.

Give: Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson
Receive: Rudy Gay, Marcin Gortat
Why it works: This trade actually frees the Pelicans up financially. Gordon's and Anderson's contracts run three more years, whereas Gortat has one year left and Gay has two years left. Gay can play small forward and move Evans over to shooting guard, his most natural position. Gortat is a skilled starting center and an expiring contract. He could move Davis over to power forward and take the beating from the opposing centers. A Holliday-Evans-Gay-Davis-Gortat starting five would be a playoff team.

Give: Marcin Gortat, Shannon Brown, Lakers 2015 first round draft pick
Receive: Harrison Barnes, Amir Johnson
Why it works: Gortat's contract expires this year and he is still a very productive center. That makes him a valuable trade asset. In this trade, they get a developing wing with good potential (allstar?) in Harrison Barnes. They also receive a solid defensive-minded big man who can fill in until Len and the Morris Twins are ready to take over. A Bledsoe-Barnes-Len core has good potential going forward.

Grades for each team?

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I dont think it would be

I dont think it would be worth it for the warriors. Barnes has serious potential. The Raptors and Pelicans would end up winning overall though thats for sure.
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Honest question: do you think

Honest question: do you think that the Warriors have already committed to a different direction away from Barnes by signing Iggy to a four year contract?

Also, with Klay Thompson coming up, I just don't think they have the cap room to commit 13-14 million to David Lee over each of the next 3 years.

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Signing Iggy is by no means signalling the warriors are going in a different direction to Barnes. If anything, Iggy represents a target for Barnes that he will have to get past for the starting job. This will make Barnes work harder and become a better player. Also, by keeping Barnes as a 6th man, he has a lot less pressure on him. Barnes will be able to learn a lot from Iggy, particularly defensively. While not a weakness of Barnes per se, he can always use more mentoring in that area.

I think that Iggy will start for a season or two tops then will either be traded or become the 6th man himself when Barnes is ready to take over.

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warriors - no, you on lsd?

warriors - no, you on lsd? hash? shrooms?
raptors - maybe, doubt it
pelicans - absolutely
suns - yes

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If Suns could get Harrison

If Suns could get Harrison Barnes in any capacity I'd be happy, but it's not going to happen

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If you look at this compared

If you look at this compared to most four team trades that get posted here it doesnt sound terrible

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