38yo Derek Fisher to the Mavs

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38yo Derek Fisher to the Mavs


The Mavericks will sign Derek Fisher on Thursday.
This signing may have something to do with Darren Collison (finger) not playing on Wednesday. The 38-year-old guard played 20 minutes per game last season and it should be interesting to see how many minutes he could handle.

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Not a bad move but he's

Not a bad move but he's obviously over the hill and shouldnt they be trying to get beabois, and dominique more minutes?

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That's what I'm saying they

That's what I'm saying they now have at least 4 point guards in their roster now

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must have been too young for the Knicks

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would rather see him sign with the Lakers

Fisher is my most despised player in the league, what better team for him to play for then the Lakers!!!

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