30 Team Dynasty Looking for Super Active Active Dedicated Owners!

Hey I've started up a 30 team proboards NBA dynasty and I'm looking for a bunch of very active, dedicated, and most importantly knowledgable NBA gurus to help make it a long lasting, awesome fantasy expirience for everyone involved.

I put alot of work into the league site and have put together a perfect rule system based upon former leagues I've been in.

I'm hoping for this league to be as real as it can get and for it to known throughout the fantasy community for its excellence.

Anyway enough talk, heres the link to the league page: www.whereamazinghappens1.proboards.com

The rules should explain everything you need to know and if you have any additional questions feel free to make a profile and PM me or just talk to me on the chat.

Well thanks for checking this out and I hope we have a awesome year this year and for years to come.



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22 spots left, looking for

22 spots left, looking for LM's as well!

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Are any of these positions still available?

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Of course, this is all being

Of course, this is all being blown out of proportion a little, as all O’Neal really said was he feels Andrew Bynum and Brook Lopez are more traditional centers than Howard. Note that O’Neal didn’t say “better.” He just said “more traditional.”

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