3-Way Trade Idea

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3-Way Trade Idea

First off, just created my account. I've been coming to this site for some years now and read all of your guys' posts and threads and there's alot of realistic basketball talk on here I can't seem to find anywhere else. Thought I'd finally bring in some fresh input.. so with that said, here's a trade idea I think works out for all teams involved.

This of course is pending on whether or not Dwight would sign long term in LA.

Orlando gets the best possible center after Dwight and also relieve themselves of Hedo's contract. I mean when you're in the position the Magic are in with DH12 right now, do you really have much leverage?

Lakers are adding three proven players and injects youth as well as experience to the core, and may have a slight glimpse of life after Kobe. I think many people will overlook the addition of Hedo and how flexible he can make their offense.

Atlanta gets probably the shortest end of the stick here, but not really. Virtually, you're swapping Gasol/ World Peace for J. Smoove/ M. Williams. No vast improvement, but they weren't going anywhere else with their current core.

Sprinkle in some draft picks to the Magic or Hawks I guess and wouldn't you think everybody wins in this dea?

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I guess

I guess i makes sense

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There’s no doubt that

There’s no doubt that Portland has a wealth of young players that need seasoning heading into next season, but the talent already in place should curve that learning process and could generate postseason returns as early as 2013. Both Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews are primed for breakout seasons in the starting lineup and, combined with key rookies Meyers Leonard and Damian Lillard, could signal the Blazers’ return to prominence.

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Evans believes he still has

Evans believes he still has plenty left in the tank. Last season with the Washington Wizards, Evans produced when given an opportunity, averaging 4.9 points in 14.3 minutes. During the final game of last season against the Miami Heat, he was arguably the best player on the court, finishing with a game-high 18 points in 23 minutes. Evans trained in Houston during the offseason and feels great. While he can still help a team on the court, he acknowledges that his biggest contributions come off the court. He’s an excellent leader and locker room presence, which every team needs to succeed.uy45ry45

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Playing for a contract does

Playing for a contract does add fuel to his fire, but it’s not something he or the Thunder will worry about until the end of the season. In the worst case scenario, his contract becomes currency that the Thunder can either move at the deadline or let expire and turn into savings and added flexibility.

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