3 Cokes, 2 more tournament games, 1 hot dog and a pint of Beam later...

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3 Cokes, 2 more tournament games, 1 hot dog and a pint of Beam later...

Sorry I'm behind the ball on this. I've been real busy (that's a lie, I'm a lazy turd). As previously reported, I was in the stands in Kansas City to see 4 teams fighting for a Sweet Sixteen birth. It was an interesting couple of hours and I jotted some things down:

Kansas vs UNC

- the organizers really did themselves and the teams a disservice scheduling this game first. As I said last time, KU fans suck and I don't think actually know anything about basketball, so once their game was over, half the stadium emptied. If it had been reversed, the fans would have been coming in at the end of the Lasalle game and would have made the atmosphere better for a great finish. Oh well
- KU fans even out did themselves by booing Roy Williams. Give me a break. He gave them a great number of years, upheld the tradition and still loves the school. Did I mention KU fans are terrible? Excpet...
- from teenagers to mothers, KU fans are almost entirely babes. It's incredible.
- Withey was even more impressive Sunday. I'm tellin ya, if you are building a championship team, you want this kid on your squad logging minutes.
- Elijah Johnson is the achilles heel of this team and that achilles is getting closer to tearing every game. He played better in the second half but Tharpe should be starting right now.
- As much as I love McLemore, I wanted to see so much more this weekend. I think I'd take Noel over him right now at #1.
- The speed and double teaming from UNC worked to perfection in the 1st but KU's superior talent showed in the 2nd
- Also, UNC will not win with Bullock playing so poorly
- Releford was awesome. I think in front of his hometown crowd, he realized this was a once in a lifetime thing and wanted to make it a great memory. I would spend a 2nd rounder on him for sure.
- Hairston is a G and should at least test the waters
- I would take a flyer on McAdoo in the late 1st right now. If he gets that mid range jumper down and adds some strength (which as a professional, would be easier to focus on), he can be solid.

- saw an old man in UGGS. It was rough.
- the KU fan babes were better looking than the cheerleaders up close. By far.
- I was walking and the dude coming out said "it's a mess in there". I proceeded to see the most looking pepper and cheese omlet on the ground, which turned out to be a pile of vomit. Really bro, can make it to the restroom but completely whiff on the toilet?

Lasalle vs Ole Miss

- Henderson was on from the start. He was by the most entertaining player to watch this weekend, followed by Withey and surprisingly, Ramon Galloway. His stroke is beautiful and he has supreme confidence in himself.
- he was brickin again at the halftime but a teammate came to talk to him and I think helped keep his mind off that
- it was a very entertaining game, with the score staying close and leads constantly changing hands
- I said last post that Garland needes to step up this game and boy did he ever. Their other backcourt guy #3 also played great and those two and Galloway were the difference
- like I said, the crowd was kind of dead and made it feel like a regular season/high school game instead of a game deciding a trip to the Sweet 16. I said KU fans sucked right? Just makin sure
- even from afar, the Ole Miss dancers were babes
- with Henderson coming back and their abundance of athletes, Ole Miss should be, in my estimation, picked to finish 3rd in the SEC next year behind UK and Florida
- the Ole Miss mascot is a bear? I texted my buddy that it should have been a Star Wars guy. Ya know, the Rebel Alliance? I immediately apologized for being such a nerd.

Well that's all I got. I appreciate all the love from my last post and hope you enjoyed reading it as I did watching and writing it.

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Surprisingly enough my man, you were not the first person to think of Admiral Ackbar being the mascot of Ole Miss:

Seems like George Lucas wasn't down with handing that one over. Another solid write-up, vomit part was gross, though not completely unexpected. Ole Miss has of course electric Marshall Henderson coming back, along with some intriguing recruits in Dwight Coleby from Bahamas, Sebastian Saiz from Spain and Janari Joesaar from Estonia (all playing HS ball domestically, last two for Sunrise Christian in Kansas). My condolences for the old man in uggs, no one should have to witness that. Also, glad to know of the fine-ness of the KU fan babes. Must make things at least more tolerable for the lame fans (which my school also has lots of).

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KU campus in the spring is

KU campus in the spring is freaking ridiculous. It's true and they all wear short skirts and shorts.

The great Coach/Big 12 Party Boy Larry Eustachy once said to an attractive co-ed at a party.

"You go to K-State? You're too pretty, you should go to KU."

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Why wont KU offer me a


Why wont KU offer me a scholarship

i'm jus so offended
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@mikey, paul ruud is an alumn

@mikey, paul ruud is an alumn too. Some of my best friends went there so i may be exaggerating a little. And @joe, it is beautiful there and the nightlife is awesome. And Olivia Wilde, oh my gawd. I was already in love and then i saw a pic of her wearing the original Jordans and words.

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