2nd Rounders: Zeke Marshall

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2nd Rounders: Zeke Marshall

I am going to be posting some videos of late first or second round guys that we dont see or hear much about. I am not saying these guys will ever amount to anything, just trying to see a little more of them.

Marshall is a heck of an athlete. I tried to imbed a video, dont really know how. Used to but it has changed. Anyway, someone is going to get a great prospect in this guy. He runs the floor well, has a very nice reach, and a good vertical. In that video, he is easily slapping the top of the box. If the correct team will draft him and put some time in, we could be looking at a nice player here.

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I like your idea, I don't like the training this guy is getting. I feel like he's not being pushed or challenged in these specific training sessions. If that's as hard as he can go then it don't matter how long his reach is. But he does seem to have a soft touch and that's not neccisarily a compliment, for his overall game seems soft.

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Ryan Hollins 2.0

Ryan Hollins 2.0

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I don't think he knows the

I don't think he knows the pick and roll game well. During the pick and roll drill he doesn't even roll to the basket correctly. I'm trying to figure out if it's for a lack of effort or lack of fundamentals

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