2nd Round Production

Every season there are a few players that seem to have slipped through the cracks, dropped past the first 30 picks and find themselves out producing a number of first round picks. The All-Rookie 1st and 2nd teams are almost never compiled of all first round picks.

As I look at the 2nd round of the 2013 draft, I see a few guys I think will have long careers, some guys I know that will be better players than guys taken in the first 30 and guys that will get minutes as rookies, but what I don't see is anyone that I see averaging 10 ppg or showing up on an All-Rookie squad.

These are the players I think will have the most impact, but I still think they will fall short of top production of this draft classes' rookies. Here are my top 5, in no order.

1. Ray McCallum Jr. - With Grevius Vasquez starting off the season recovering from an ankle injury, that leaves Ray manning the backup point guard role behind Thomas; however, Vasquez's ankle isn't expected to sideline him long, and that leaves McCallum relegated to 3rd string duty for the majority of the season.

Projections - 14.3 mpg 3.3 ppg 1.9 rpg 2 apg 41/34/70

2. Jeff Withey - New Orleans is going to split their duties at center with Withey, Jason Smith and Steimsma, but Withey isn't exactly a stat stuffer that is going to put up the numbers needed to find a spot on an All-Rookie team. He'll protect the rim, grab rebounds and score off garbage buckets and alley oops. I think he'll have a good rookie year, but he's just not the type of guy who's gonna pad stats.

Projections - 17.5 mpg 4.4 ppg 3.5 rpg 1.4 bpg 49/0/73

3. Erik Murphy - This may be a bit of surprise because he plays for a legit contender, but I think Murphy has great value in Thib's system as a stretch 4. Boozer is aging and I suspect a lesser role from him in favor of more minutes for Taj Gibson at the 4 spot, but also Chicago doesn't have depth at center so I feel Gibson will play minutes there. I think Murphy will be an every night player for the Bulls stretching the floor out to 25 feet, something Boozer and Gibson cannot do.

Projections - 16 mpg 5.1 ppg 2.3 rpg .7 apg 47/40/77

4. Glen Rice Jr. - Washington is looking to turn the corner, and with a buzz for the first time in quite a few years, I think Glen Rice Jr. is going to play a specific role for a playoff team. I think that will be to come in and shoot 3's off the bench. The Wiz are not loaded at the SF position, but with a top 3 investment in Otto Porter, I think at the very most Rice Jr. can hope for a SF by committee approach, but most likely he'll be splitting backup minutes with Chris Singleton and Otto Porter, with Martell Webster getting the start.

Projections - 13.5 mpg 4.5 ppg 1.7 rpg .9 apg 43/39/78

5. Jamaal Franklin - In my opinion, the most talented player who dropped to the 2nd has a definite role in the NBA and he went to a team that has used his role very effectively for a number of years. Memphis has a slew of players who can play the 1-3 positions, but I think Franklin finds a spot backing up Allen and Prince and providing defense in certain 2nd unit configurations.

Projections - 15.1 mpg 3.5 ppg 2.6 rpg .4 apg 39/33/78

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I'm very high on Jamaal

I'm very high on Jamaal Franklin as well. I really think he has the potential to be exactly what tony allen has been for the past few years...an absolute lock-down defender and a good transition player on offense. I think his jumper looks a little more comfortable than TA's also, and that he generally has more offensive skill. I think he will be an excellent glue-guy type of starter on a good team or a very useful bench player.

Not sure if Memphis is a great situation, mostly because they run a slow offense, tony allen does what he can do, and they don't have many shooters to space the floor....however I think he can learn from TA and regardless of where he is, 5 years from now we will be looking back at this draft and wondering why he didn't go in the first round.

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Ray McCallum is the steal of

Ray McCallum is the steal of the draft in my opinion.

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i'm high on all those guys on

i'm high on all those guys on your list except murphy and i have to admit, that may be from lack of seeing him play enough. everyone else though seems to have a nice ceiling to go with there game, or can obviously contribute right away in some form. withey won't be anything special, but i can see him as a greg olstertag. ray mccallum has a lot of upside and i thought he could be the steal of the draft if we look back 5 years from now. glen rice and even more so, jamaal franklin are kind of boom or bust picks, but if you get that pick in the second round, it's foolish to overlook that pick. great list! great thread!

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Franklin should have been a

Franklin should have been a lotto pick.. 1st team all rookie

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How? I too like Franklin, but

How? I too like Franklin, but the whole point of this thread is to point out that even the more talented and or NBA ready 2nd rounders aren't in a spot to get big minutes. If Prince or Allen gets hurt is about the only scenario I see Franklin getting on an All-Rookie team. Those are TOUGH dudes to beat out if your on a playoff squad.

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Good call on Franklin

I had him in my top 15.

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Good list, I think all these

Good list, I think all these guys will contribute. As a Bulls fan I'm really hoping Murphy can produce some quality minutes with the 2nd unit and knock some 3's down. 16mpg might be a stretch though, I'd be thinking more along the lines of 9-12mpg.

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Had never seen Ray Mccallum

Had never seen Ray Mccallum before preseason but that speed, ball handling, and ok ability to finish and shoot should carry him pretty far.

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Lorenzo Brown is another guy

Lorenzo Brown is another guy who dropped a bit but could become a solid player in the league in my opinion, 6'5 athletic point guard can really push on the break. Deshaun Thomas also looked very good in the summer league, and I think the Spurs is a good place for him to land

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