2nd round bigs.

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2nd round bigs.

Is it just me our is there every year either a undersized big, over over looked that goes in the 2nd round and out plays a lotto big?

I am talking milsap, boozer, blair, bass (w/dallas), Blatche, Turiaf, Landry, Big Baby, Deandre Jordan, Mbah a Moute, Cunningham.

I just feel that sometimes potential is taken more into account than proveness. Will any other than booze or maybe milsap if booz leaves ever be a allstar? no. But at least they are productive (Jordan not so much yet but he will be in time. Cunningham will be solid to.). Something loto picks like

Melvin Eley, Brandon Wright, Ike Diogu, Patrick O'Bryant, Sean Mays, and Kris Humpherys cant really say. Idk I see this years bust being ed davis or if some on is stupid enough to take orton or Whiteside in the lotto. And this years is gna be strong big man second round. I can see Lawal, Brackins, Booker, Sameuls, Varnardo, and Caracter( I think caracter will be a weapon of the bench for a finals team in the future). So really my question is, why not just wait to get a big, it may allow you to aderess other areas and still get a equally or superear big.

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i think

I think Jarvis Varnado could be a guy whos undervalued and can have solid career in the NBA. Im not saying he will be a stud, but perhaps a very solid backup PF for 13-16 minutes a game.

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Yea but you said the key

Yea but you said the key word- Undersized.

Besides Jordan and Blatche, all those guys are undersized and struggle with the Pau Gasol's of the NBA. I do agree with you however. These are some great finds, I don't think you bank the success of these players on the future.

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Mbah A Moute isn't a big man.

Mbah A Moute isn't a big man.

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i feel Jarvis Varnado could be a Ben Wallace

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Read a guy who saw ratliff/mourning,...ZO !!! lol.
Personally see Keon Clark the second coming...

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