2K14 (again)

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2K14 (again)

This time I wanted to see what people's thoughts on improvements which could be made to this years edition (although let's face it, it's probably in the final stages of development).

A lot of people want fairly unrealistic things related to game-play and extra features but I'll just focus on one of my main concerns - free agency. It was a freaking abortion.

Rather than getting excited about possible moves in the upcoming off-season, I found myself bracing for and dreading what the NBA landscape my look like next, with each season more ridiculous than the last. really this breaks down to a couple of things, the format and the AI.

I'll deal with the AI first; it is terrible. I've played through the first few years of about half a dozen associations now and the free agent/organization IQ is just terrible, one examples:

- About 60% of the time CP3 goes to the Cavs, irving goes to the bench and gets pissed off but stays

A lot of the time team needs/play needs doesn't seem to play into it at all, and by season 4-5 I find myself going through the rosters to force a bunch of trades to make the league look vaguely realistic. I realise I'm slightly neurotic about the realism side of things with player movement but isn't that what association mode is supposed to be about? Not having taking on the Lakers in 2017 only to find you're up against a back log of SGs behind Kobe and two top SF's taking minutes from each other.

My other issue is really the format, it's a quite restricted with the one screen where you just make offers and hope they sign for you. Ideally I'd like a kind of 4 panel menu where you can access 3 different screens - the player availability and offer page, a media/rumours page, your roster/team needs page - or move forward a day.

Anyway, /rant, let me know what your thoughts are.

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I wish they would make it so

I wish they would make it so free agents weighed money they were going to earn, potential for your team in the future including the potential of players you have on it, what future picks do you have and future cap space you have may have, basically if your team is going to win now, and how long will your team be able to sustain success, like the really old guys would want a team that could win for 2 years while guys like Dwight want a team that can win for the next 4 and would be willing to have a down a year in order to build the team up for 3 to 5 years of success. have those factor into what player would be interested in your team and how much you would have to pay a guy to get him to come to your team like ray allen taking less to go to the heat, like there was no way dwight howard would consider the bobcats.

that was probably confusing but overall just better player logic and team logic when it comes to everything in association mode, it ruins the mode after 3 to 4 years

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Totally agreed

That's the real problem, like yo say, the poor team and player AI I mentioned basically means each association you start has a lifespan of about 5 season absolute tops, after that it gets boring and unrealistic, it always seem like the league just falls apart.

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I think a bit of an overhaul

I think a bit of an overhaul of association mode would be nice, there has been a ton of focus on the MyPlayer mode while association has been largely ignored.
Free agency both in terms of team and player logic, as well as how it functions (maybe make it somewhat pitch based in line with NCAA games?).

Scouting/Drafting has been the same since 2k5 pretty much, there is nothing to scouting at all as you can go the entire year without so much as scouting a single player and know that the top 5-8 picks will be solid and the rest avg to bad. There is no intrigue or fun at all which is a shame given how important and interesting it is in real life. Maybe doing something similar to Madden 13 and creating storylines or player stats, having the scouting combine and private workouts for approximations of specific attribute ratings would make it somewhat more involving or interesting.

Bring back the D-League and make it a more relevant or useful part of the game for developing specific skills (ie, you can increase shooting attributes in practices, but off awareness requires meaningful in game minutes). Im not sure what capacity the Euroleague is being brought in but make it a place where free agents and undrafted players can go, and have it generate storylines and stats to make free agency & offseason more interesting.

Also I would love a more production/ minutes played sort of development system akin to Madden 13. The current Andre Drummond has 90 potential so every offseason he will go up 5 points overall via a bunch of random categories way of developing players makes no sense. Have a player training screen where you can give a direction of focus to development, kind of like what the NHL games have.
Tweaks and add ons like these would make playing association alot more enjoyable and meaningful I think.

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This exact thread has been made already

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OJ Mayo better not be able to

OJ Mayo better not be able to &$#%#&@! hit threes on every shot, it is so dumb it isn't even funny. When I play the Mavs people just run around with Mayo and fadeaway on the three, earlier today I beat someone with the Mavs doing this and scored 38 points with Mayo, &$#%#&@! isn't right honestly.

Another thing they should change is during my player if the game is SUPER close and we are trading baskets back and forth and coach decides to take me out for a couple of minutes, my team should not go up 20 points, how can we be having such a close game and within two minutes they're down by 15?

Also definitely add wingspan, would love to be able to adjust that.

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A lot needs to be fixed, but

A lot needs to be fixed, but let me address a couple of your points.

The Free Agency sucks for a million reasons. Not only do the players go to teams that are completely illogical fits (either a guy like CP3 or Dwight going to an awful team, or players going to teams that have franchise guys at their position) and the money gets way out of control. Basically any guy rated in the mid-high 70s and low 80s is going to demand a lot of money unless they are super old. I'll always have my mid level, look at a perfect mid level fit, and he's expecting 12 million his first year.

As a tip that I have found, though it is "cheating", the association mode does let you play with things. You can circumvent your cap by editing players salaries, and you can make trades between 2 teams that you aren't controlling, in case one of those totally awful free agent signings happens.

The draft mechanism was actually pretty good. The problem with Madden when it had imported draft class is guys like Tim Tebow who don't translate well to the NFL were rated amazingly based on their overall in college. With the downloadable one, you can find a decent draft class. The problem that came up this year (not sure if it started day one or came up after one of the updates) was that they just started having the drafts make no sense at all. I did a draft with a class close to the actual 2013 one, and Alex Len, Mason Plumlee, Gorgei Dieng, and Kenny Kadji were the first 4 players selected. WTF?

And finally, yes, they need to fix some players. My brother can literally drop 30 points with Gerald Green every game on the highest difficulty. Josh Smith continues to have a jump shot that is lights out, the list goes on and on. It shouldn't be too hard to make the real players similar to their actual strengths and weakness.

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They really need to fix the

They really need to fix the kick ball thing. It's annoying as hell and happens way too much. You think you have a steal then the whistle is blown for kick ball.

Also My Player mode needs to have an option where you can ask to be taken out the game. I've been in the game up 30+ tired as hell with 4 minutes to go and I have to sit through the rest of the game.

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