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Okay im doing the association with the Wizards.

I traded Arenas and his horible contract along with a 2nd round pick and trevor booker for Yao Ming. I am worried about his injury history but he is in last year of his deal.

My starters are.


SG- Young- his scoring punch is good to have next to walls streaky jumper.

SF-Howard- he is better shooter than Thornton, but defense is lacking.

PF-Blatche- I like the length hie adds next to yao.

C- Yao- Hes huge lol.


3rd guard- Hinrich - He can defend the 1 and 2 as long as the 2 guard is over 6'6.

SF- Thornton- I like the defense he brings off the bench to replace Howard.

PF- Yi- Like that he can spread the floor.

C- McGee- he is up and down like a roller coaster. I play 8 minute quarters and McGee one game gets 14 minutes and next 4.

I also got Tony Allen for Kevin Sepharin... not sure why they did it maybe drop salary.

Also have Cartier Martin and Hilton Armstrong.

Yao and some of my other players are free agents after this year..... where should i go with this team? we are currently 4-3.


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Kevin Seraphin is a glitched

Kevin Seraphin is a glitched player i think, he went from like a 58 and when i traded for him he shot up to like 77. Maybe Memphis knew this lol. Same with Hilton Armstrong, he goes to like 70.

As for the team, bring in a better SF, and McGee does actually do well, maybe keep Yao for the season and then just let him walk, unless you can get him cheap, but if you want to run McGee fits the bill better. Maybe trade Hinrich for someone like Stuckey. Who could probably defend 2 guards better.

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yi is a beast on 2k

yi is one of the easiest offensive players to use on 2k i stumbled on him playing a fantasy picked team agianst a buddy his jumper is so silky and easy to use

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You should look to acquire a

You should look to acquire a SF via draft or free agency, and you're in a good situation because if you're using the draft classes for 2K Share, they have a plethora of SF's to choose from. And if used right, McGee is a good player to use next to Wall and on the fast break. I would let Yao walk and either try to sign a great center or develop McGee.

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My plan as of now

Im pretty happy with my squad for the time being and we have some cap space for the upcoming year.

I didnt do the real draft class because my right now im not able to use xbox live.

In the draft I would like to find a solid sf for the future. My team looks like it is borderline playoff team

I like having Yao for his presence inside and he can start the break well. I do like Mcgee in small doses but he gets lose sometimes on D lol.

Thanks for the help

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Let Yao walk and start McGee

Let Yao walk and start McGee next year. Then draft a SF that can start over Howard and Thornton. If you don't have a high draft pick, you could probably trade Howard and your low draft pick for a high draft pick which you can use on a SF. Sign a SG to backup Young, and then you won't have to depend on Heinrich who can't any guard over 6'6 which is about every 2 guard in the league minus Eric Gordon and OJ Mayo. After that you should be good. (Heinrich is a good backup to Wall but I would only have him play the 2 occasionally)

Tony Allen was a good pickup but I don't know if he'll want to stay on your team unless you're willing to give him over 5mil. So I'd probably let him walk which is why I think its necessary for you to sign a SG that is 6'6 or over and he needs to be fine sitting on the bench and backing up Young. Sign another Center to backup McGee wouldn't hurt but it's not necessary.

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