27 years old and 8 years in to his career, what is your opinon on Lebron?

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Versus a Pacers team that

Versus a Pacers team that played like b*tches! Smdh...

Danny Granger is starting to P me off... Over half of his shots were three-pointers tonight.

Darren Collison and George Hill COMBINED 2 assists in 47 mins of play... And people wonder why the Pacers want Steve Nash.

And I sware... I've become a Hansbrough supporter, but got damn... He needs to learn to pass the ball. He's a black hole. In 167 mins this season, he doesn't have one damn assist.

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To whoever said LeBron was a

To whoever said LeBron was a way better defender let's not forget that MJ was all-defensive team 9x and would have been more if not for taking the break to go to baseball. Also, he was the defensive player of the year in '88 and led the NBA in steals three times...Lebron has only been an all-defensive team player for three years. Jordan was on that team within his first four years in the league and it took lebron six. Jordan toyed with the defenders mentally and could score in all ways. Don't think we'll ever see a competitior or winner or player like Jordan. Sure, some might be more talented but he had a lot of that himself and got the most out of it and then some.

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Yes, youngdave, Lebron had a

Yes, youngdave, Lebron had a great game last night.

I don't see your point....Lebron James was 27 years old 5 days last night. Jordan didn't play a game when he was 27 years old 5 days, but he dropped

35 points 10 rebounds 10 assists at 27 years old 6 days.

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Haha that's awesome.

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LeBron James is not Michael Jordan

Nobody is. If you want a story book career surrounding incredible individual dominance mixed with team success, than you are writing about Michael Jordan. I understand the need to compare every basketball player to Michael Jordan and I agree that LeBron James is no where is his realm as far as individual dominance and career success. I have always said, it will be difficult for him to get there. I personally think it will be difficult to say he will be better than Kobe Bryant, or a number of other top players.

With all of this being said, LeBron's first 8 years have been pretty awesome. I feel he has gotten better every year he has played. Yes, even with his incredibly surprising and somewhat staggering play-off lapses of the past two years. People may think he is arrogant, they may hate the way he left Cleveland and they may see him joining the Heat as a cop out. He is not Michael Jordan, but he certainly seems to be a once in a generation type athlete and his ability is evident.

Is he a leader? I believe so. Does he choke when it matters? That is his reputation, and he certainly has done so on a much grander scale than Michael Jordan ever did (or Kobe Bryant, for that matter. Kobe's big "choke" moment was when he was 18. Since than, the kid has done alright). Still, LeBron has given us a new story. He has given people a player to cheer against. He has led to countless debates on this site, I think more so than any player out there.

I expected him to maybe have won a championship by now. Have definitely been pretty disappointed by his last couple of finishes. But, players each have their own times to get it. LeBron's has not come yet, but it may come soon. Say what you will about his wanting to build a brand, he plays some pretty hardcore basketball. Do not think too many players were more prepared for the season than him. It is still unknown whether he will be mentioned amongst the Elgin Baylor's or Wilt Chamberlain's (dominant statistical forces who did not necessarily win as often as one thought they should have), but I have a feeling he will carve out a solid spot in the top 5-10 players of all-time, or higher.

If you can point me too a player outside of the top 10 best of All-Time who have had a better first 8 years than LeBron, I would be surprised. He won't be Michael Jordan, which is maybe disappointing to those who expected more, but I think he has been a pretty awesome player who gives people a lot to talk about. I believe he has been the best player in the league the last couple of years and should remain there for quite a while. Injuries are the one thing that could slow him down, but if you look at wing players who were once in the discussion as being at or near the top of the league, I think LeBron is only behind Kobe Bryant since he has come into the league. He has been durable, he has made his team better and even with his lapses in the play-offs, his career has been filled with big time performances rivalled by few to ever play the game.

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