27 Dunks NEVER Done In The NBA Dunk Contest That Would all Get 50s

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27 Dunks NEVER Done In The NBA Dunk Contest That Would all Get 50s


note from


Here are a list of NBA players who we think could put down most of these dunks.

2 foot dunks: Gerald Green, Paul George, Iman Shumpert, Terrence Ross, Derrick Rose (pre-injury), Darius Johnson Odom, Blake Griffin

1 foot dunks: James White, LeBron James, Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan

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awesome vid...

BTW Who is Kenny Dobbs? Dude can flat out jump outta da gym...

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The guy was actually drafted

The guy was actually drafted by the Texas Legends, I was a bit excited about that (at least for the d-league slam dunk contest) but he doesn't seem to be on their roster

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5'11 Exile
Cuff the ball one handed windmill over someone
6'3 Kenny Dubbs
Dubble dubble
6'1 Werm
360 Craddle dunk on self alley oop

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While I'm not a fan of

While I'm not a fan of jumping over people dunks, that two ball windmill dunk at 4:27 is absolutely absurd.

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These guys spend lots of time

These guys spend lots of time just practicing these dunks. NBA players do not. Also, I don't think NBA guys want to risk jumping over people as much due to chance of injury. I would say maybe 10-12 of those dunks could be done in the NBA dunk contest by NBA players. On a side note, I've seen the windmill with the arm in the rim in person. It is sick!!

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Those are all

180s.Not all dunks indicated 360's ... are done in a complete revolution. But hats off for those men.

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