23 years w/ Kobe Bryant.

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23 years w/ Kobe Bryant.

Through part of last year and some of this offseason there was speculation that Kobe had planned on leaving the game of basketball at the end of next season once his contract is up. Recently in an interview he stated he would like to try and play until he is 40.

IMO, if the man can still manage to be an 18-23 ppg scorer until then while stll winning, there would be no way to keep him of the top 5 of all-time. Imagine 6-8 titles, all-time scoring record, all-time lakers steals record and more by then and countless of individual accolades. That could be a career to be both proud to have for himself and to have been able to witness, for us, the fans.

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it would be nice.

that would be amazing, but i really don't think it will happen. kobe is the closest person ever to jordans game and the closest there ever will be, and jordan could not really do that even. but i hope he does because im a huge kobe fan. i sided with himin the shaq debate. shaq was a prick with that if the big dog don't get fed the house don't get guarded. but im rooting for kobe. hopefully howard can help, but its not looking good.

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Jordan was a top 20 player at

Jordan was a top 20 player at age 40? though he took a lot of time off so it is a little different in terms of miles though

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