2019 draft

I will be doing a look at the 2019 NBA draft class

Bagely- He is one of the best prospects ever, easily the most hyped since lebron and has exceptional talent. His game is so smooth with the jumper he has but hes also very explosive and athletic.He can get anywhere eon the court and really has no flaws in his game other than needing to improve his body. His game is best described as if You mixed KD and Garnett but made him left handed. His ceiling is a top 3 NBA player in his prime.

RJ Barrett- He is going to reclassify this summer after talking to his dad. He is very hyped right now at montverde academy and will be a tough player for the US to play in Olympic contest as he is canadian. His game is like kawhi like but is wiggins and penny hardaway mixed and hes left handed, his jumper needs to be more consistent but i think it will cause hes only 16. His ceiling is a top 5 NBA player in his prime

Zion-A highlight film simply put. He is underrated as an NBA player as people only see the flashy dunks. He has Lebron like traits and size, as hes a chisled 6'8 230. He has extreme bounce and beats people with his strength and power. He is a very good playmaker and rebounder and plays with good pace. Im really high on him as a franchise player, but his jumper needs to keep improving. His ceiling is a top 10 NBA player in his prime.

Moses Brown-He is kinda unkown as a propsect because he really just came onto the scene as a player. He had a impressice junior year and has a unique game. Hes 7'1 and can block any shot in his area and has a good jump shot all the way out to the 3 point line. Hes pretty athletic too which will help him even more on defense. He has a Myles Turner like game and i think he will be he 2nd best player on a solid team, possibly first in his prime.

Kostas-The greak freaks little bro. He has a great bloodline of course and has great physcial traits. Hes 6'10 with a 7'3 wingspan. He has very good ball handling abilities for his size as hes a point forward and can play above the rim. His shooting will need to improve but hes still young as he redshirted this year at dayton. His length will really help him on defense. It would bee awesome to say hes the next Giannis but thats a very hard comparison to reach. He could be a very good player who plays like Giannis but not that same level.

Romeo Langford- A smooth athlete who is a great offensive player. Hes not the bounciest guy but he can score in bunches. Think KCP

Cam Reddish- He is a very good offensive player who has played PG at 6'8, very solid playmaker who is a good athlete. Think Tyreke Evans with a jumpshot.

Jordon Brown- Solid big who can shoot well and grab some boards. Think a poor mans Labissiere.

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How do u feel about shareef

How do u feel about shareef O'Neal as a NBA prospect? Is he a one and done?

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Late first

hes a mid to late first rounder, think someone like a Thad young comp for him imo

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